Wenfu Chen, Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Prof. Chen mainly works on: (1) Theory for Super High-Yielding Rice Breeding and Cultivation Technology; (2) Biochar Basic Research, Application Technology Development and Industrialization.

Executive Editors
Jun MengShenyang Agricultural University, China
Prof. Meng mainly works on effects of Biochar on Soil Nutrients Cycle and Soil GHG Emission and Carbon Sequestration, Development of Biochar based Agri-Inputs such as Biochar Based Fertilizers.

Hailong WangFoshan University, China
Prof. Wang focuses on Land Application of Organic Residue and Biochar, Remediation of Contaminated Soils, Waste Management, Soil Carbon Sequestration, and Soil CN Cycle.

Kitae Baek, Jeonbuk National University, South Korea
Prof. Baek works on Remediation of metals-contaminated site, redox of metals, fractionation analysis of metals, risk assessment of contaminated site, mineralogical investigation.

Bin GaoUniversity of Florida, USA
Prof. Gao focuses on the research areas of CO2 Capture, Emerging Contaminants in Soil and Groundwater Systems, Biochar/Metal Composites applied on Water Contaminants Remediation, Slow-Release Fertilizer Compositions.

Jianchun Jiang, Chinese Academy of Forestry, China
Prof. Jiang mainly works on: (1) Thermo-chemical Conversion of Forestry Biomass; (2) Basic Research and Applied Basic Research on Preparation and Application of Activated Carbon.

Nabeel K. NiaziUniversity of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan
The research topic of Dr. Niazi covers Environmental and Soil Chemistry & Hydrogeochemistry Area including Water-Soil-Plant systems that impact Soil, Water, Human and Environmental Health.

Yong Sik OkKorea University, South Korea
Prof. Ok has academic background which covers Waste Management, the Bioavailability of Emerging Contaminants, and Bioenergy and Value-Added Products (such as Biochar).

Patryk Oleszczuk, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland
The research interests of Prof. Oleszczuk include: (1) ecotoxicology and environmental chemistry; (2) fate of organic and inorganic contaminants in environmental (soil, water, sediments) and anthropogenic samples (sewage sludges, composts, food); (3) nanoparticles in the environment (fate, determination, sorption of organic contaminants, toxicity); (4) waste (mainly sewage sludge and compost) management and utilization; (5) biochar properties and applications. 

Jörg Rinklebe, University of Wuppertal, Germany
Prof. Rinklebe has research interests including Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements and Nutrients in Wetlands Soils, Sediments, Waters, Global Soil and Groundwater Pollution, Remediation of Soil, Groundwater and Biochar.

Lukas TrakalCzech University of Life Sciences Prague, Czech Republic
Dr. Trakal is a hydrogeologist focusing on Biochar Use to Improve the Soil Characteristics such as Water Retention and the Presence of Hazardous Substances.

Xiangke WangNorth China Electric Power University, China
Prof. Wang works on Environmental Pollution Management, Nanomaterial Synthesis and Modification, Carbon Nanomaterials, Organic Pollutants, Radionuclides.

Baoshan XingUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst Stockbridge School of Agriculture, Amherst, USA
Prof. Xing has research in Environmental and Soil Chemistry that focus on the Protection of our Environment through Maintaining/Improving Soil and Water quality. Particular interests include: (1) Environmental Behavior and Agricultural Application of Engineered Nanomaterials; (2) Analysis and Environmental Processes of Micro(nano)plastics.

Xiaoyuan YanInstitute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof. Yan works on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle, Non-Point Source Pollution, Carbon / Nitrogen Footprint Assessment.

Fusuo Zhang, China Agricultural University, China
Prof. Zhang’s research mainly focused on Theory and Technology of Plant Nutrition and Nutrient Management. More specifically, how to realize high crop yield, high nutrient use efficiency and protect environment at the same time, in order to ensure food security and realize sustainable development. 

Editorial Board
Charles Oluwaseun AdetunjiEdo State University, Nigeria
Prof. Adetunji has gained national and international recognition for his applied research work in Bioherbicides, Biopesticides, Nanobiosurfactants, Nanobiopesticides, Plant-Soil-Microbe Interactions, environmental sustainability, Environmental Pollution and Remediation, Organic Farming, Pest and Disease Regulation, and Soil-Rhizosphere-Microbial Interaction.

Daniel Alessi, University of Alberta, Canada
Dr. Alessi focuses on Environmental geochemistry, Geomicrobiology, Sustainability, Lithium extraction, Hydraulic fracturing, Surface chemistry, Biochar.

Amit BhatnagarDepartment of Separation Science, LUT School of Engineering Science, LUT University, Finland
Prof. Bhatnagar has research field of specialization as Environmental Science and Engineering with emphasis on (Waste)Water Treatment and Resource Recovery using Microalgae and Bio- and Nano-Materials.

Nanthi BolanUniversity of Newcastle, Australia
Research topics of Prof. Bolan include Healthy Environment and Life, Coal Seam Gas Wastewater, Engineered Slow Release Fertilizers, Carbon Storage in Sandy Soil, Nanoporous Pesticide Delivery, and Carbon Sequestration in Coal Tailing.

Xinde Cao, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Prof. Cao works on Remediation Technology of Soil and Groundwater Pollution, Environmental Multi-Interface Process and Transformation Mechanism, Green and Friendly Multi-Functional Environmental Repair Materials, Soil Carbon Sequestration Technology and Its Ecological and Environmental Effects.

Scott ChangUniversity of Alberta, Canada
Prof. Chang has research topics including Forest Soil Processes, Soil Microbial Ecology, Carbon Sequestration, Application of N-15 Tracer in Forest Soils Research, Forest Fertilization, Tree Nutrition, Forest Ecophysiology, and Silviculture-Soil Management Interactions.

Baoliang ChenZhejiang University, China
Prof. Chen focuses on Soil Pollution Control and Remediation, Traditional and Novel Functional Materials and Environmental Applications (Organoclay, Biosorbent, Biochar and Graphene), Sorption and Reactions of Organic and Inorganic Contaminants with Natural and Synthesized Media.

Guanyi ChenTianjin University of Commerce, China
Prof. Chen works on Biomass Waste Utilization, Biomass Gas Environment and Safety, Sustainable Development Research, and Fuel Processing Technology.

Shubo Deng, Tsinghua University, China
Prof. Deng focuses on novel adsorbent preparation and application in environmental area, adsorption technology used in water and wastewater treatment, CO2 adsorption, catalytic reduction technology in wastewater treatment, control of emerging contaminants.

Thomas F. Ducey, United States Department of Agriculture- Agricultural Research Service, USA
Dr. Ducey’s work focuses primarily on soil microbial ecology, wastewater treatment, and antibiotic resistance.

Risely Ferraz-AlmeidaUniversity of São Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Almeida works on Soil Quality, Organomineral Fertilizer, Phosphate Fertilization, Categorizing Soil Biological Activity, Straw Management Regimes, and Nitrogen Application in Corn.

Manuel Garcia-perez, Washington State University, USA
Dr. Garcia-Perez’s work is in the Bioenergy and Bioproducts Engineering research emphasis area and addresses the environmental burden associated with the world’s declining petroleum resources. He is currently working on new Thermochemical conversion concepts— a process that converts biomass waste, such as forest residues, sugar cane bagasse, triglycerides, sugars, and starch, into transportation fuels and chemicals.

Bruno GlaserMartin Luther University, Germany
Prof. Glaser focuses on Identification and Quantification of Biogeochemical Processes at the Soil-Plant-Water Interface by Developing Sophisticated Analytical Tools, for purpose of dealing with Sustainable Use of Natural Resources such as Soils and Biomass and the role of Soil Organic Matter for Soil Fertility.

Ellen Graber, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel
Dr. Graber works on Soil, Water and Atmospheric Organic Chemistry, Involving Multi-Faceted and Cross-Disciplinary Research Related to Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability.

Xiaori Han, Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Prof. Han works mainly on Agricultural Resources and Environment, Plant Nutrition and Fertilization, Fertilizer Secondary Processing, Soil Testing and Recommendation.

Baowei HuShaoxing University, China
Prof. Hu focuses on the Application of Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology for Environment Pollution Treatment, Environmental Ecology, Environmental Planning and Management.

Jim Ippolito, Colorado State University, USA
Dr. Ippolito has an extensive background in biochar utilization, environmental soil quality. His current research interests are primarily focused on quantifying soil health in various (agro)ecosystems. 

Harn Wei Kua, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Dr. Kua’s current research interest is in bio-based building materials and life cycle sustainability assessment.

Eilhann E. KwonSejong University, South Korea
Prof. Kwon has research topics including Waste-to-Energy (WtE), Combustion Chemistry, Thermo-Chemical Processes (Pyrolysis and Gasification), Catalysis, Biofuels, Biorefinery, CO2 Utilization, Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).

David Laird, Iowa State University, USA
Prof. Laird’s research interests include the impact of biochar on soil quality, the stability of biochar in soils, and the impact of biochar on greenhouse gas emissions.

Su Shiung Lam, University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
Prof. Lam works mainly on Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Waste and Biomass Utilization, Waste and Wastewater Treatment, Green Technology, and Pollution Mitigation.

Sang Soo Lee, Yonsei University, South Korea
Prof. Lee is an expert in soil and environmental engineering, focusing on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) fields including climate change response and non-point pollution control.

Fangbai Li, Institute of Eco-environmental and Soil Sciences, Guangdong Academy of Sciences, China
Prof. Li’s major research interests include Biochar, Prevention and Control of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soil Rice System, Circulation of Carbon, Nitrogen, Iron and other Substances, Activity of Heavy Metals and Transfer Blocks.

Qimei Lin, China Agricultural University, China
Prof. Lin conducts research on Soil Microbial Ecology, Principles and Technologies of Biochar Application in Agriculture and Environment.

Chengshuai Liu, Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Dr. Liu focuses on Elements Migration and Transformation and Stable Isotope Tracing, Soil Heavy Metal Pollution Control and Remediation.

Yu Luo, Zhejiang University, China
Dr. Luo conducts research on Soil Organic Matter, Soil-Rhizosphere-Microbial Interaction, Carbon Sequestration and Efficiency.

Ondřej Mašek, The University of Edinburgh, UK
Dr. Ondřej Mašek’s research focuses on the Technologies for Biochar Production and Utilization of By-Products (Oil and Gas) for Bio-Fuels and Bio-Energy Generation, Thermochemical Conversion of Carbonaceous Materials (Gasification, Pyrolysis, Combustion), and CO2 Capture and Transport Technologies (Post-Combustion, Pre-Combustion, Oxy-Combustion and Advanced Capture Technologies).

Patrick S. MichaelPapua New Guinea University of Technology, Papua New Guinea
Dr. Michael’s research topics focus with Agriculture and Allied Sciences related to Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Agriculture Producing Food Cops using Agronomic Practices that have Minimal Negative Impact on the Farm and Natural Environments.

Dinesh MohanJawaharlal Nehru University, India
Prof. Mohan conducts research on Water (Ground and Surface) and Wastewater Monitoring and Development of Sustainable Treatment Technologies, use of Thermochemical Platform for the Production of Biofuels (Biooil) from Lignocellulosic Biomass.

Abebe NigussieJimma University, Ethiopia
Dr. Nigussie focuses on the application of Na tural Engineered Carboniuos Materials on Agricultural Fields and their effect on Soil Functions, such as Climate Change Mitigation/Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Nutrient Cycling, Pest and Disease Regulation, and Water Storage and Purification.

Hirotomo NishiharaTohoku University, Japan
Prof. Nishihara focuses on Synthesis of Graphene Mesosponge and Ordered Carbonaceous Frameworks, Templated Nanocarbons for Energy Storage.

Jeff Novak, United States Department of Agriculture, USA
Prof. Novak focuses on the advancement of conservation tillage and soil C sequestration, quantification of soil spatial variability, P fate and transport, and biochar technology.

Segun OladeleDepartment of Agronomy, Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria
Dr. Oladele is a soil scientist with research interest in Plant-Soil-Microbe Interactions, Soil Micro Biota Communities, Soil Management Systems and Anthropogenic induced Changes on Soil Quality and Health.

Bo PanKunming University of Science and Technology, China
Prof. Pan focuses on Environmental Fate Behavior of Pollutants, Synergistic Relationship between Carbon Behavior and Pollutant Behavior of Terrestrial System on the Plateau, and the Environmental Geochemical Behavior of Anthropogenic Pollutants.

Vishnu D. Rajput, Southern Federal University, Russia
His ongoing research is based on toxic effects of bulk- and nano-forms of metals, and investigating the bioaccumulation, bio/geo-transformations, uptake, translocation, and toxic effects of bulk- and nano-forms of metals on plant physiology, morphology, anatomy, the ultrastructure of cellular and subcellular organelles, cytomorphometric modifications, and DNA damage.

Frederik RonsseGhent University, Belgium
Dr. Ronsse focuses on Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass, including techniques such as Fast and Slow Pyrolysis, Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis, Biochar Production, Gasification, Torrefaction, Hydrothermal Liquefaction and Sub/Supercritical Water Oxidation.

Binoy SarkarLancaster University, UK
Dr. Sarkar focuses on Soil/Water Contaminants Clean Up and Atmospheric CO2 Removal using Sustainable Materials and Methods, Physico-Chemical and Microbiological Phenomena occurring at Surfaces of Natural and Introduced Particulate Materials.

Ajit SarmahThe University of Auckland, New Zealand
Dr. Sarmah focuses on Environmentally Significant Areas including Production of Biochar and Characterization using Novel Techniques, Soil Organic Matter Characterization to Quantify Changes in Soil C Pools as affected by Land-Use Changes.

Sabry M. ShaheenUniversity of Kafrelsheikh, Egypt
Prof. Shaheen has gained national and international recognition for his applied research work in Biogeochemistry of Trace Elements on Soils, Sediments, Water, and Plants

Jianying ShangChina Agricultural University, China
Prof. Shang focuses on Soil Environmental Science, Pollutants and Colloids Cooperate with Pollutant Migration, Colloidal Interface Phenomenon, Resources and Environmental Science.

Zhihua Shi, Huazhong Agricultural University, China
Prof. Shi focuses on Soil Erosion Mechanism, Landscape Pattern and Ecological Process.

Bhupinder Pal SinghNew South Wales Dept. of Primary Industries, Australia
Dr. Singh works on Developing Soils and Crops in Physicochemical and Biological Systems to Enhance Carbon Cycle, Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and Manage Global Climate Change.

Hocheol Song, Sejong University, South Korea
Prof. Song focuses on Adsorption of pollutants, Environmental redox processes, Soil and groundwater remediation, Biochar synthesis and application, Multi-functional materials.

Hongwen Sun, Nankai University, China
Prof. Sun has two research fields: (1) Source, Fate, and Human Exposure of Emerging Organic Pollutants including Perfluoroalkyl Substances, Plasticizers and Fire Retardants; (2) Remediation Materials (like Biochar and Fe-C Composite) and Technology for Polluted Soil.

Wenfeng TanHuazhong Agricultural University, China
Pro. Tan has research areas including Microscopic Characteristics of Soil, Mineral and Colloid Interfaces, and their Action Mechanism and Regulation on Heavy Metals and Organic Pollutants.

Sean C. ThomasUniversity of Toronto, Canada
Prof. Thomas’ research focuses on how Trees and Forests respond to Human Impacts – Intentional Impacts through Forest Management, and Unintentional Impacts via Local, Regional, and Global Changes in the Environment.

Hai Nguyen TranInstitute of Fundamental and Applied Sciences, Duy Tan University, Vietnam
Dr. Tran has research interests on Adsorption Science and Technology, Development of Innovative Materials for Water Treatment, Identification of Adsorption Mechanism, Removal of Aromatic and Emerging Pollutants by Advanced Oxidation Processes and Adsorption.

Daniel C. W. TsangThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, China
Prof. Tsang conducts research to develop low-carbon technologies in green remediation and environmental engineering to promote sustainable resource circulation and long-term decarbonization.

Lukas Van ZwietenNew South Wales Dept. of Primary Industries, Australia
Dr. Zwieten has fields of research interests on Soil Processes including C and N Cycling, and how these related to Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Contaminants in the Soil Environmental with Risks and Remediation Options, Advanced Soil Analytical Techniques for Unravelling Microbial.

Meththika VithanageUniversity of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka
Meththika Vithanage has the academic background which covers Environmental Remediation of Toxic Metals, Antibiotics, Agrochemicals, Serpentine Soil Chemistry, and Waste Biomass Conversion.

Jim J. WangLouisiana State University, USA
Prof. Wang has research topics that focus on Chemical Interactions between Different Nutrients/Pollutants and Soil Constituents with Emphasis on Ternary Systems of Clay Minerals, Heavy Metals, and Common Natural Ligands for Controlling Metal Mobility in Soil.

Yujun WangInstitute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof. Wang is mainly engaged in the research on the Micro Interface Process of Pollutants in Soil and its Resistance and Control Principle, Soil Chemistry, Pollution Control.

Fengchang Wu, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China
Prof. Wu has interdisciplinary research on Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Developments of Environmental Modeling, Pollution Control Technology and Ecoengineering.

Jianming XuZhejiang University, China
Prof. Xu has professional interests including Environmental Pollution and Remediation, Biogeochemistry, Organic Farming, Carbon Sequestration, Phytotoxicity.

Renkou XuInstitute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof. Xu focuses his main interests on Surface Chemical Characteristics of Variable Charge Soils, Soil Acidification, and Melioration of Acid Soils, Elucidated the Mechanisms for the Inhibition of Fe/Al Oxides on Acidification of Variable Charge Soils.

Zhihong Xu, Griffith University, Australia
Prof. Xu has research areas including Soil Organic Matter Dynamics and Nutrient Cycling, Biogeochemical Cycles in Terrestrial Ecosystems, climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.

Shinogi Yoshiyuki, Kyushu University, Japan
Dr. Yoshiyuki focuses research on irrigation water utilization and water resource management, biomass utilization.

Wei ZhangMichigan State University, USA
Prof. Zhang focuses research on Mitigating Uptake of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances by Crops using Soil Amendments; Biosolid Treatment Processes, Chronic Wasting Disease Prions, and Dynamic soil Phosphorous Index.

Ying ZhangNortheast Agricultural University, China
Prof. Zhang focuses on Black Soil Research, Biochar, Soil Pollution and Bioremediation, Biosorbent, Persistent Organic Pollutants.

Youth Editorial Board 
Adnan Raza Altaf 
Northwest University, China
João Arthur Antonangelo Oklahoma State University, USA
Mukesh Kumar Awasthi Northwest A&F University, China
Muhammad Azeem Ningbo Urban Environment Observatory and Monitoring Station, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Leichang Cao Henan University, China
Chengyu Chen South China Agricultural University, China
Fu Chen China University of Mining and Technology, China
Guangcai Chen Research Institute of Subtropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry, China
Taotao Chen Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Zhuqi Chen Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
Hu Cheng Nanjing Forestry University, China
Yi Cheng Nanjing Normal University, China
Jian Cui Institute of Botany, Jiangsu Province and Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Liqiang Cui Yancheng Institute of Technology, China
Zhongmin Dai Zhejiang University, China
Dahu Ding Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Huihui Du Hunan Agricultural University, China
Sara de Jesus Duarte University of São Paulo, Brazil
Guodong Fang Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Yingheng Fei Guangzhou University, China
Yanfang Feng Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Haixin Guo Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China
Junkang Guo Shanxi University of Science and Technology, China
Xuetao Guo Northwest A&F University, China
Pankaj Gupta University of Waterloo, Canada
Jie Han Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Lanfang Han Guangdong University of Technology, China
Fei Huang Guangzhou University of Technology, China
Megan Joan de Jager Carl von Ossietzky University, Germany
Chao Jin Sun Yat-sen University, China
Hui Jin Xi’an JiaoTong University, China
Puja Khare CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, India
Yu Lan Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Hui Li Academy of Forestry in Hunan Province, China
Lixin Li Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology, China
Ronghua Li Northwest A&F University, China
Yeqing Li China University of Petroleum, China
Zhongyang Li Institute of Farmland Irrigation, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Fei Lian Hebei University of Technology, China
Rock Keey Liew University Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia
Peng Liu China University of Geosciences, China
Sainan Liu Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Wujun Liu University of Science and Technology of China, China
Yuxue Liu Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Zhijian Liu North China Electric Power University, China
Zhongzhen Liu Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Yilai Lou Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China
Shijian Lu China University of Mining and Technology, China
Alaa El Din Mahmoud Alexandria University, Egypt
Kanit Manatura Kasetsart University, Thailand
Ranjeet Kumar Mishra Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India
Santanu Mukherjee Shoolini University of Biotechnology and Management Sciences, India
Ashok Nadda Jaypee University of Information Technology, India
JunYan Pan Institute of Agricultural Resources and Regional Planning, CAAS, China
Saravanan Praveen CMR Institute of Technology, India
Hafeez Ur Rahim Dalian University of Technology, China
Md Mashiur Rahman Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Bangladesh
Preeti Roychand Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Muhammad Sajid Yibin University, China
Amita Shakya National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management, India
Prabhakar Sharma Nalanda University, India
Fei Shen Sichuan Agricultural University, China
Feng Shen Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, China
Jianlin Shen Institute of Subtropical Agricultural, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Gabriel Sigmund University of Vienna, Austria
Rishikesh Singh Panjab University, India
Yifei Sun Beihang University, China
Liang Tang Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Jean Yves Uwamungu Tianshui Normal University, China
Bing Wang Guizhou University, China
Hongliang Wang China Agricultural University, China
Jinyang Wang Nanjing Agricultural University, China
Shengsen Wang Yangzhou University, China
Yu Wang Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Xiaorong Wei Institute of Soil and Water Conservation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Longlong Xia Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Qingang Xiong South China University of Technology, China
Xingtao Xu National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), Japan
Kai Yan Sun Yat-Sen University, China
Chen Yang South China University of Technology, China
Dongjiang Yang Qingdao University, China
Jinfeng Yang Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Tianxue Yang Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, China
Wen Yang Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Xiao Yang Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, China
Xing Yang Hainan University, China
Bing Yu Zhejiang A&F University, China
Guangwei Yu Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Xiangzhou Yuan Korea University, South Korea
Jin Zhang Zhejiang University of Science & Technology, China
Tao Zhang China Agricultural University, China
Weiming Zhang Shenyang Agricultural University, China
Yaning Zhang Harbin Institute of Technology, China
Yaping Zhang Southeast University, China
Guixia Zhao North China Electric Power University, China
Ling Zhao Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Hao Zheng Ocean University of China, China
Huan Zhong Nanjing University, China
Nan Zhou Hunan Agricultural University, China
Yaoyu Zhou Hunan Agricultural University, China
Zhi Zhou Hunan Agricultural University, China
Xia Zhu University of California-Davis, USA
Xiangdong Zhu Fudan University, China
Xiaomin Zhu Anhui Agricultural University, China

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