Polar and High Altitude Microbiology: Microbial Life in Antarctic, Arctic and Mountain Ecosystems

Call for Papers
Submission deadline: 31 March 2023

Dr Luiz Henrique Rosa, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Guest Editors:

Dr Jônatas Santos Abrahão, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Archea, Bacteria, Cyanobacteria
Dr Vivian Helena Pellizari, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr Marcelo Gonzalez Aravena, Chilean Antarctic Institute, Chile
Dr Rupesh Kumar Sinha, CABI, UK

Dr Laura Zucconi, Università degli Studi della Tuscia, Italy
Dr Melissa Fontes Landell, Federal University of Alagoas, Brazil
Dr Maria Martha Martorell, Argentine Antarctic Institute, Argentine

Dr Carlos Rafael B Mendes, Federal University of Rio Grande, Brazil

Microbial Biotechnology
Dr Susana Castro-Sowinski, University of La República, Uruguay

Background and Scope

Extremely cold environments have been successfully colonized by microorganisms. From the Antarctic to the Arctic, from high mountain to the deep ocean, the adaptations, ecological interactions and functional roles of the microbial life present on the cryosphere are far from being completely understood.

Furthermore, high latitude (or polar) and high altitude (or alpine) regions have been severely affected by climate change, with global impact to environment and biogeochemical cycles. Thus, investigating different aspects of microbial communities active in these habitats, such as evolution, biodiversity, and ecology is essential to our understanding of ecosystem processes on Earth as a whole.

New Content ItemThis special issue of Brazilian Journal of Microbiology aims to gather high quality, original research articles and reviews on the microbial life present in cryosphere of Antarctica, Arctic and High Altitude environments, including terrestrial and ocean ecosystems.

This special issue is also a celebration to the 40th anniversary of the Brazilian Antarctic Operation, which began in the Antarctic summer of 1982 and 1983. Microbiologists have had a significant role in this project and developed important studies on the Antarctic microbial life.

We are pleased to invite microbiologists from across the globe as well as the microbiology-related research community to submit research work in the in the following areas:

- Taxonomy

- Structure

- Ecology                                                

- Evolution

- Survival strategies

- Microorganisms and climate changes

- Functional ecology

- Biotechnology

- Genetics

- Proteomics

- Bioinformatics

- Extremophiles

We are open to receive manuscripts dealing with the following microbial groups:

- Virus                     

- Archaea

- Bacteria

- Cyanobacteria

- Fungi

- Filamentous fungi

- Yeasts

- Microalgae

How to contribute

Manuscripts should be formatted according to the journal’s submission guidelines and submitted via the online submission system. All submissions will go through the usual rigorous review process of the journal.

During the submission process, the corresponding author will be asked if the manuscript is part of a special issue. Please respond yes and select the option PolarHighAlt2022.

For more information on the scope of this issue or pre-submission enquiries please contact the journal.