Recruiting Young Editors Globally for Advanced Fiber Materials

Advanced Fiber Materials (ISSN: 2524-7921 (Print) 2524-793X (Online)) is a peer-reviewed international interdisciplinary research journal which aims to publish high quality articles on fibers and fiber-related devices, as well as their applications. Principally, the journal tracks and reflects fast research developments in the field of fiber materials. 

To take the advantages of young scholars' thinking, innovation and active academic exchanges, to enhance the internationalization, impact and influence of Advanced Fiber Materials, and to cultivate reserve forces for the editorial board, we plan to establish a youth editorial committee in the near future, and are now recruiting young editors for AFMs. We therefore invite the interested and qualified chemists, physicists, material scientists, engineers and other active researchers at the frontiers of all fiber-related fields to register their interest by emailing the following details to We look forward to hearing from you soon.

1. Recruitment Requirements
1) Recruitment

 We are planning to recruit about 40 young editorial board members.

2) Recruitment conditions
i.    Under the age of 45, with a PhD in one of the earlier mentioned scientific disciplines. Preferable if one is a professor or vice-professor with overseas study or a visiting scholar.
ii.    Has published more than 10 articles (including Chinese and English papers) as the first author or corresponding author in domestic and foreign authoritative journals in the fiber research field.
iii.    Be interested in the development of journal, has a correct academic attitude, strong ability to organize or write articles, and actively make suggestions for the development of academic journals.
iv.    Enough time and energy to work for the journal. Those with experience in peer review in biological, energy, environmental and materials discipline foreign authoritative journals are preferred.

3) Youth Editorial Board rights
i.    After being selected, the "Advanced Fiber Materials" youth editor appointment certificate will be issued for 2 years. 
i.    The articles of the young editor or recommended articles can be published preferentially after being reviewed.
ii.    Prominent contributors or three consecutively selected youth editorial committee members may be considered for hiring to the editorial board of this journal.

4) Obligation of Youth Editorial Board
As a Young Editors, you would have the following responsibilities: 
i.    Promote and recommend the journal -- Advanced Fiber Materials to your institutes, colleagues, coworkers, friends, etc.
ii.    Invite outstanding manuscripts from scientists who have done excellent researches in fiber-related fields to the journal. 
iii.    Submit the manuscripts of your researches in fiber-related fields. 
iv.    Launch a Special Issue on a topic related to your research interests when it is convenient for you.
v.    Peer-review the submitted articles which are in your area of expertise for the journal. 

2. Registration Requirements
Academic curriculum vitae (including personal basic information, education, study visits and work experience, main research fields, titles of various talents, hosted scientific research projects, list of representative papers, official personal homepages and links to personal pages, etc.)
Suggestions and ideas for improving the international influence of AFMs journals. Please send email to:

3. The Deadline
Application deadline: November 30, 2020, subject to email sending time.

4. Selection Method
After the registration deadline, AFMs will set up a selection panel to prudently identify the appropriate candidates. A shortlist of the successful applicants will be posted on the journal website, afterwards.

Editorial Department of "Advanced Fiber Materials"
August 25, 2020

Prof. Meifang Zhu
Editor-in-Chief, Advanced Fiber Materials
Dean of State Key Laboratory of Chemical Fibers and Polymer Materials, Donghua University