Call for papers: Special issue on Structural and Functional Fibers and Composites

Fibers and composites have been used and harnessed by humans for thousands of years and are always benefitting from the most recent developments in science and technology. In the last few decades, new types of fibers and composite materials and structure have offered advanced functionalities and superior mechanical properties by combining advantages of natural and synthetic fibrous materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, which result in a wide range of applications from small-scale wearable devices to large-scale composite structures. This special issue will be a collection of 10-15 peer-reviewed contributions that present original breakthrough research, comprehensive reviews, perspectives or highlights to advance the frontier of Fiber and Composite in structural and functional applications, which including material design, chemical synthesis, mechanical analysis, modeling/simulation, machine learning, and their applications.

Contributed articles are sought in the following areas (not limited):

•Fiber material design and chemistry discovery

•Fiber-related applications (bio, energy, environment, thermal regulation, protection)across multiple length scales

•Fiber modification and advanced manufacturing

•Advanced fiber and textile electronics

•Lightweight and energy-efficient compoiste

•Multifunctional composite structures, materials and applications

•Composite mechanics and advanced manufacturing

•Modeling, simulation, and machine learning-assisted composite design

•Additive manufacturing/3D printing of fibers and composite

Submission deadline: July 30, 20201

Guest editors:

Prof. Kun (Kelvin) Fu, University of Delaware,

Prof. Fujun Xu, Donghua University,

Prof. Jian Zhou, Sun Yat-Sen University,

Dr. Huibin Chang, Harvard University,