Call for papers: Special issue on Smart Fibers and Textile materials

Fibers are imperceptibly incorporated into any pattern of everyday life. They are the basic building blocks of textiles, which have been concomitant of human civilization for thousands of years. With the rapid advancement of materials science and modern technology, fibers and textiles are rapidly evolving into smart electronics and systems from ancient forms. The integration of a wide range of technologically important materials into fibers/textiles is setting a stage for them to be the next frontier in smart sensing, energy, healthcare, robotics, neuroscience, therapeutics, and environment. This special issue will be a collection of 10-15 peer-reviewed contributions that present original breakthrough research, comprehensive reviews, perspectives or highlights to advance the frontier of smart fibers and textile materials. This special issue is expected to push forward the field in terms of both fundamental fiber/textile science and related practical engineering problems.

Contributed articles are sought in the following areas (not limited):

•  Fabrication, characterization, modelling and applications of advanced fibers/textiles for sensing.

•  Fibers/textiles for applications in sensing, optics, energy, healthcare, biomedicine, neuroscience, robotics and environment.

• Novel functional fibers, such as polymer fibers, nanofibers, speciality optical fibers, semiconductor-core optical fibers, multimaterial fibers, 2D materials-based fibers, and these fiber-based textiles.

•  Natural fibers, such as cellulose micro- and nanofibers, towards flexible and wearable sensing.

•  Functionalization with existing textile materials, such as cotton.

•  Fundamental research of fiber/textiles materials.

 •  3D printing fibers and textiles.

Submission deadline: March 31, 2020

Guest editors:

Dr. Wei Yan 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA 


Dr. Wei Yan is a postdoc with Prof. Yoel Fink (founder of Advanced Functional Fabric of America) at the Research Laboratory of Electronics, MIT, USA. His research interests focus on fiber shaped flexible and stretchable electronic and optoelectronic devices for applications in sensing, energy, robotics, smart textiles, healthcare and neuroscience as well as fundamental study of in fiber functional materials. He has authored many journal articles about fibers and textiles, such as 2 paper at Nature Nanotechnology, 1 paper at Nature Communications, 4 papers at Advanced Materials, and 1 paper at Materials Today.​

Prof. Jun Chen 

University of California, Los Angeles 


Dr. Jun Chen is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Bioengineering, University of California, Los Angeles. His current research focuses on nanotechnology and bioelectronics for energy, sensing, environment and therapy applications in the form of smart textiles, wearables, and body area sensor networks. He has already published 2 books, 115 journal articles and 70 of them are as first/corresponding authors in Chemical Reviews, Nature Energy, Nature Electronics, Nature Sustainability, Nature Communications, Joule, Matter, and many others.

Prof. Tian Li 

Purdue University


Dr. Tian Li is an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University from 08/2020. She was a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Liangbing Hu at University of Maryland focused her research in emerging cellulose science and engineering as well as high temperature materials and devices. As the leading author, she has published fiber-related work in Science, Nature Energy, Nature Materials, Science Advances, among others. She has received many recognitions including ECE Distinguished Dissertation Award, Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award, Forbes 30 under 30 in energy category and MRS Postdoc Award.