Call for papers: Special issue on Advanced Fiber Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

Fibrous nanomaterials with unique three-dimensional fiber network, good structural stability and high flexibility make them good candidates for applications in energy storage and conversion, such as rechargeable batteries, supercapacitors, and electrocatalysis, etc. It also constitutes a rich platform for the fundamental study of intriguing concepts in materials science and physics. This special issue will be a collection of 10-15 peer-reviewed contributions that present original work, reviews, perspectives or highlights in areas at the frontier of this emerging scientific and technological field.
Contributed articles are sought in the following areas (not limited):
• Fabrication, characterization, and applications of advanced fibers for electrocatalysis.
• Fibrous nanostructures for rechargeable batteries and flexible electric devices.
• The application of polymer nanocomposite fibers and their derivatives in energy storage and conversion.
• Fundamental research, such as Density Functional Theory, of fiber materials.

Submission deadline: October 31, 2020

Guest editor:

Prof. Tianxi Liu 

Donghua University, Shanghai China