Aims and scope

Advanced Fiber Materials encourages the exchange of ideas among chemists, physicists, material scientists, energy/environmental/biomedical researchers, engineers and other researchers who are active at the frontiers of all fiber-related fields. Advanced Fiber Materials publishes original and review articles on fiber and fiber-related device as well as their applications, including:

• The design and synthesis of novel polymers for fibers

• Chemistry and physics in fibers and textiles

• High-performance fibers and composites

• Carbon nanotube fibers and graphene fibers

• Nano-technologies in fibers and polymers

• Design, fabrication and application of nanofibers

• Natural fibers and biomimetic polymers

• Smart fibers, textile and wearable intelligent device

• Fiber-based artificial issues and robots

• Multifunctional and multimaterial fibers

• Environment-friendly fibers and fiber-related materials

• Fibers for environmental application (pollution control and purification for water, air and earth)

• Fibers for energy application (solar cells, lithium batteries, supercapacitor, etc.)

• Fibers for information technology (information storage, etc.)

• Fibers for biological and medical applications (regenerative medicine, drug delivery, tumor therapy, etc)

• Fibers for optical and photonics applications (sensing, laser, advanced manufacturing, semiconductor, etc)

• Other fiber-related materials and devices