Call for Papers: Fintech - Finance, technologies, methodologies

The financial industry is experiencing an extremely important disruptive moment, the fintech revolution. Thanks to new technologies, a large number of financial services has been deeply renewed, and the customers experience has been deeply change. Moreover, new entrants, start-ups, corporations and big technology players, enters in activities which used to be traditionally reserved to banks and insurers.

From an academic point of view, the fintech revolution has opened the door to extensive applications of Artificial Intelligence to solve financial problems. An example is asset allocation, where reinforcemet learning tools are considered as alternative to classical methodologies.
Cryptoassets are nowadays considered as risky assets which deserve a thorough study. Smart contracts opened the door to new financial instruments. These are few examples of new topics that need a deep and rigorous academic analysis.

Objective and topics:

For this Special Issue, we invite rigorous and timely theoretical, empirical, qualitative or quantitative research that develops a better understanding of the fintech phenomenon. We support studies that will generate both practical and theoretical implications.

To this end, and in line with the aim and scope of the journal, we are interested in high-quality submissions that embrace diverse methodological approaches and theoretical frameworks in all areas of Fintech (banking, asset management, insurance, payments, capital markets, internet of things) providing a multidisciplinary venue.

Submissions are welcome in all Fintech research fields such as (but not limited to):

  • theoretical analysis of the fintech domain (finance and economic analysis);
  • machine learning applications to finance;
  • cryptocurrencies and digital currencies (like CBDC);
  • blockchain technologies, smart contracts; peer to peer finance;
  • big data analysis, nowcasting, and text analysis in finance;
  •  network analysis in finance;
  •  behavioral finance. 

This special issue follows up on the “International Fintech Research Conference” conference, which will be held at the Politecnico di Milano, Milan, on October 27-28, 2022 (

Instructions for Submission:

For submission, authors are requested to access the Springer Nature submission system at the following URL: Choose "Research" when starting a new submission and in the details of the submission go to "Collection" and select "Special Issue: Fintech - Finance, technologies, methodologies" from a drop-down menu.

Potential authors are reminded that all papers that are finally accepted for this special issue will be subject to format restrictions complying with the publisher's standards. To speed up publication, and to ensure a unified layout throughout the special issue, authors are likely advised to use a LaTex. Springer's LaTex package can be used to prepare source files (please choose the formatting option "smallextended'"). The authors are highly recommended not to modify the class file by introducing personal settings and/or definitions. Word files are also accepted.

Editors of the Special Issue:

Daniele Marazzina – Politecnico di Milano

Emilio Barucci – Politecnico di Milano

Important Dates:

Deadline for paper submission: December 31, 2022