Aims and scope

The journal is a top-tier peer-reviewed resource for academics and practitioners that publishes high-quality articles with a focus on digital finance and innovation, as well as the analysis of digital and internet innovations in financial services and the economy. The journal publishes theoretical and empirical, qualitative and quantitative papers of interest to academics, practitioners, and regulators with an emphasis on empirical, financial market, and investment innovations, financial policy research and recommendations related to improving welfare in the digital economy.

Suitable topics include:
• Data analytics, innovative techniques or analysis of financial technology data
• Theoretical analysis or modeling of innovations in finance
• The impacts of financial technology on financial inclusion
• Technological advances that could significantly affect the sector
• Strategic planning: Design and implementation of financial technology
• The role of social networks in financial innovation including smart data analytics
• The challenges of providing financial services through technology, including regulation
• The impacts of financial technology on the digital economy, including welfare analysis and economic implications

Financial services that are of interest encompass but are not limited to: payment systems, investment and loan products, insurance and digital currency systems. Of particular interest are micro-finance (payments, loans and insurance), peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding services and cryptocurrencies.