Call for papers

Neuer InhaltPlanta is inviting contributions for a topical collection on SORGHUM (Sorghum bicolor).

As a widely cultivated, drought-, heat- and flood-tolerant annual cereal crop, Sorghum bicolor [L.] Moench is a flexible bioenergy and crop plant that can be used in multiple renewable processing paths to provide grain, sugar, and cellulosic / lignocellulosic feedstock. It performs C4 photosynthesis, and it provides greater biomass and grain yields than C3 crops. It has a relatively small 730 Mbp diploid genome, with numerous high-quality complete genome sequences available.

All aspects of Sorghum research will be considered, ranging from molecular biology, physiology-biochemistry, genetics, to agronomy, agriculture, climate research, and the environment.

Manuscripts (Review, Original Research, Short communication, or Commentary-type articles) intended for publication in this collection should be submitted by September 30th 2021 through the regular submission site of the journal (Select Special Issue on Sorghum). Submitted manuscripts will undergo the standard Planta peer review and evaluation. Accepted manuscripts will be published online immediately after acceptance. Finally, publishing a manuscript is free of charge unless authors choose Open Access. We look forward to your contributions!

Zhanguo Xin, USDA ARS (Guest Editor)

Robert Aiken, Kansas State University (Guest Editor)

Tasios Melis, UC Berkeley (Editor-in-Chief)