Dorothea Bartels
Molecular biology; gene expression; abiotic stress; hormone signaling

Institut für Molekulare Physiologie
und Biotechnologie der Pflanzen (IMBIO)
Universität Bonn
Bonn, Germany
Tel.: +49-228-732070
Fax: +49-228-731697
e-mail: planta@uni-bonn.de

Anastasios Melis
Biochemistry, biophysics, and metabolic engineering of photosynthetic systems with emphasis on light absorption and utilization; carbon flux, and fuels and chemicals production

University of California, Berkeley
Department of Plant & Microbial Biology
111 Koshland Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-3102, USA
Tel.: +1-510-642-8166
Fax: +1-510-642-4995
e-mail: planta@berkeley.edu

Assistant to the Editors-in-Chief:
Brigitte Buchen
(Bonn Office)

Reviews Editor:
Gerhard Leubner,
London, UK
Seed biology, seedling establishment, abiotic stress, embryo growth mechanisms, seed and bud dormancy, seed biomechanics, endosperm weakening, Brassicaceae cross-species work, comparative seed biology, evolution of seed/fruit traits, seed covering layers, seed technologies
e-mail: Gerhard.Leubner@rhul.ac.uk

Associate Editors:
Mee-Len Chye, Hong Kong, China
Genetic engineering/ Transgenic plants, Molecular Biology, Lipids, Secondary metabolites, Abiotic stress

Tamas Dalmay, Norwich, UK
Genomics, Molecular Biology, Regulation of gene expression

Kerstin Kaufmann, Berlin, Germany
Epigenetics, Plant growth and development, Flowering

Soheil Mahmoud, UBC-Kelowna, Canada
Genetic engineering/Transgenic Plants, Secondary metabolites, Metabolic engineering

Staffan Persson, Melbourne, Australia

C.M.J.(Corné) Pieterse, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Plant immune signaling; plant microbiome, defense hormones; plant-beneficial microbe interactions; hormone cross-talk

George Ratcliffe, Oxford, UK
Carbon and nitrogen metabolism; mitochondrial metabolism; metabolic flux analysis; anaerobiosis; NMR spectroscopy; magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Fuminori Takahashi, Riken, Japan
Regulation of gene expression, Signal transduction, Plant hormones, Long distance transport, Abiotic stress

Deyu Xie, Raleigh, NC, USA
Genetic engineering/Transgenic plants, Genome editing, including CRISPR/Cas applications, Plant Transformation, Mutagenesis, Natural products, Secondary metabolites, Biotechnology, Metabolic engineering, Synthetic biology, Bioenergy  

Isabel A. Abreu, Oeiras, Portugal
Biochemistry: metabolism and signaling; abiotic stress response: cold, drought, oxidative stress;
specific techniques: proteomics

Ruben Alcazar, Barcelona, Spain
Polyamines, immunity and fitness trade-offs, hybrid necrosis, abiotic stress, stress metabolism

Roni Aloni, Tel Aviv, Israel
Vascular differentiation; hormonal regulation of vascular development; differentiation of  xylem and phloem in normal and tumorous galls; wood quality

Tobias I. Baskin, Amherst, MA, USA
Cell wall; cytoskeleton; expansion; growth kinematics; mitosis; roots; scanning electron microscopy

Roberto Bassi, Verona, Italy
Photosynthesis; chlorophyll; carotenoids; Lhc proteins; photoprotection; abiotic stress, biofuels

Thomas J. Buckhout, Berlin, Germany
Ion uptake pathways; electron transport on the plasma membrane, including Fe reduction and metabolism; plant nutrition (ion uptake in roots; Fe-nutrition)

George Coupland, Köln, Germany
Control of flowering time; photoperiodism

Alejandra A. Covarrubias, Morelos, Mexico
Stress proteins, hydrophilic proteins, stress protection

Ann Cuypers, Diepenbeek, Belgium
Cadmium, Copper, Phytochelatins, Antioxidants in metal stress, Signal transduction during metal stress

Iris Finkemeier, Münster, Germany
Quantitative proteomics, lysine acetylation, redox regulation, mitochondria, retrograde signaling

Tsanko Gechev, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Abiotic stress, desiccation tolerance, hydrogen peroxide, oxidative stress, resurrection species

Ykä (Yrjö) Helariutta, Helsinki, Finland
Cytokinin, vascular development, tree, phloem, symplastic communication

Eliot Herman, St. Louis, MO, USA
Seed biology; protein storage; plant biotechnology; endomembrane-derived organelles; allergens; plant oil storage

Jianliang Huang, Wuhan, China
Physiology, Biochemistry, Crop management, Nutrition physiology, Stress physiology

Byung Kook Hwang, Seoul, Korea
Plant immunity; defense mechanisms, programmed cell death, plant disease resistance; pathogen effector proteins; molecular plant-microbe interactions

Jagadis Gupta Kapuganti, New Delhi, India
Nitric oxide signaling, reactive oxygen species, nitrogen metabolism, hypoxia/flooding, Respiration

Paul Knox, Leeds, UK
Plant cell walls; cell wall immunocytochemistry & cell wall imaging; monoclonal antibodies; non-cellulosic polysaccharides; plant cell adhesion

Jutta Ludwig-Mueller, Dresden, Germany
Auxin, salicylic acid, plant-pathogen interaction (biotrophs), clubroot, endophyte

David Macherel, Angers, France
Mitochondria, respiration, seed, anhydrobiosis, LEA protein

Graham Noctor, Orsay, France
Oxidation-reduction system of plants; photosynthesis and respiration; electron transport; signal transduction; H2O2; glutathione; peroxidase; antioxidants

Adriano Nunes-Nesi, Viçosa, Brazil
Molecular physiology of primary metabolism

Chung-Mo Park, Seoul, Korea
Growth hormones; stress signaling; cell cycle control; flowering time; microRNA

Philippe Reymond, Lausanne, Switzerland
Plant-insect interactions; plant defense; transcriptomics; defense signaling pathways; herbivory; wounding

Fumihiko Sato, Kyoto, Japan
secondary metabolism; alkaloid biosynthesis; metabolic engineering

Thomas D. Sharkey, East Lansing, MI, USA
Isoprene; Calvin-Benson cycle; starch and sucrose synthesis; heat stress (photosynthesis)

Sebastien Thomine, Paris, France
Ion transporters and channels, metal nutrition and tolerance, nitrate and chloride transport, phytoremediation, biofortification

Robert T. VanBuren, East Lansing, MI, USA
Genomics, computational biology, abiotic stress, CAM photosynthesis, grasses

Frank Van Breusegem, Gent, Belgium
Oxidative stress, metacaspases, cell death, abiotic stress

Wim Van den Ende, Leuven, Belgium
Fructan, invertase, sucrose, sugar signaling, priming, immunity

Renier Van der Hoorn, Oxford, UK
Proteomics; phosphoproteomics; activity-based protein profiling; plant-pathogen interactions; plant immunity

Jianmin Wan, Nanjing, China
Rice, genetics, molecular breeding, gene mapping and cloning, gene function Analysis

Qi Xie, Beijing, China
Ubiquitination; protein turnover; ESCRT; salt tolerance in sorghum; ABA

Kenji Yamada, Kraków, Poland
Secretory pathway, Defense chemicals, Autophagy, Vacuole, Endoplasmic reticulum

Koichi Yoneyama, Utsunomiya, Japan
Plant nutrients; plant hormones

Ling Yuan, Lexington, USA
Plant metabolic engineering, and gene transcriptional regulation with emphasis on promoter targeting and posttranscriptional/posttranslational modification of transcription factors