Top Cited Content in 2022

Experimental Study of Dynamic Mechanical Response and Energy Dissipation of Rock Having a Circular Opening Under Impact Loading
Hao Wu, Bing Dai, Li Cheng, Rong Lu, Guoyan Zhao, & Weizhang Liang

An Integrated Entropy Weight and Grey Clustering Method-Based Evaluation to Improve Safety in Mines
Izhar Jiskani et al.

An Overview of Conventional Tailings Dam Geotechnical Failure Mechanisms
Luke Clarkson & David Williams

Controlling Coal Spontaneous Combustion Fire in Longwall Gob Using Comprehensive Methods-a Case Study
Jianwei Cheng et al.

Modelling Global Nickel Mining, Supply, Recycling, Stocks-in-Use and Price Under Different Resources and Demand Assumptions for 1850-2200
Anna Hulda Olafsdottir & Harald Ulrik Sverdrup

Prediction and Assessment of Rock Burst Using Various Meta-heuristic Approaches
Ramesht Shukla, Manoj Khandelwal, & P. K. Kankar

Extending geometallurgy to the mine scale with hyperspectral imaging: a pilot study using drone- and ground-based scanning
Isabel F. Barton et al.

Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of Siderite Ore during Magnetization Roasting
Qiang Zhang, Yongsheng Sun, Yuexin Han, Peng Gao & Yanjun Li 

Investigation of the Rockburst Mechanism of Driving Roadways in Close-Distance Coal Seam Mining Using Numerical Modeling Method
Jun Wang et al.

Comparison of Respirable Coal Mine Dust Constituents Estimated using FTIR, TGA, and SEM-EDX
Nishan Pokhrel, Eleftheria Agioutanti, Cigdem Keles, Setareh Afrouz, & Emily Sarver 

Investigating the Slurry Fluidity and Strength Characteristics of Cemented Backfill and Strength Prediction Models by Developing Hybrid GA-SVR and PSO-SVR
Kun Du, Minghui Liu, Jian Zhou, & Manoj Khandelwal

Comparison of Sodium Oleate and Sodium Petroleum Sulfonate for Low-Temperature Flotation of Fluorite and the Collecting Mechanisms
Zijie Ren, Yanxu Shen, Huimin Gao, Hao Chen, Cheng Liu, & Zhijie Chen

Effect of MgO on Highly Basic Sinters with High Al2O3
Zhengming Yi, Qiang Liu, & Huijun Shao

Development of a Non-linear Framework for the Prediction of the Particle Size Distribution of the Grinding Products
E. Petrakis & K. Komnitsas

Enhanced Subsurface Subsidence Prediction Model Incorporating Key Strata Theory
Jian Yang & Yi Luo

Rock Fragmentation Size Distribution Prediction and Blasting Parameter Optimization Based on the Muck-Pile Model
Yusong Miao, Yiping Zhang, Di Wu, Kebin Li, Xianrong Yan, & Jie Lin

Numerical Evaluation on Stress and Permeability Evolution of Overlying Coal Seams for Gas Drainage and Gas Disaster Elimination in Protective Layer Mining
Peng Hou, Yi Xue, Feng Gao, Songhe Wang, Xuanye Jiao, & Caihui Zhu

The Reprocessing and Revalorization of Critical Minerals in Mine Tailings
Caden Vitti & Barbara J. Arnold

Utilization of Low Activity CFBC Ash in Cemented Paste Backfill Containing Phosphate Tailings
Huiqin Yao & Dongmei Liu

Study of Straw Charcoal as Reductant in Co-reduction Roasting of Laterite Ore and Red Mud to Prepare Powdered Ferronickel
Xiaoshuang Guo, Zhengyao Li, Jicai Han, Dong Yang, & Tichang Sun

Mining in the Newspapers: Local and Regional Media Representations of Mineral Exploration and Mining in Finland, Germany, and Spain
Jari Lyytimaki et al.

Multi-objective Mathematical Programming Framework for Integrated Oil Sands Mine Planning and Tailings Disposal Optimization
Ahlam Maremi, Eugene Ben-Awuah, & Hooman Askari-Nasab

Preface to the MME Special Focus Issue on Managing Gangue Minerals
Yongjun Peng & Tarun Bhambhani

Analysis of Mining Lost Time Incident Duration Influencing Factors Through Machine Learning
Muhammet Mustafa Kahraman

The Plewes Method: a Word of Caution
Luis Alberto Torres-Cruz

Cementation of Copper on Zinc in Agitated Vessels Equipped with Perforated Baffles as Turbulence Promoters
B. S. Ibrahim, M. H. Abdel-Aziz, E-S Z. El-Ashtoukhy, T. M. Zewail, A. A. Zatout, & G.H. Sedahmed

Using LSTM and ARIMA to Simulate and Predict Limestone Price Variations
Tawum Juvert Mbah, Haiwang Ye, Jianhua Zhang, & Mei Long

Flow Characteristics of Fresh Cemented Paste Backfill Containing Flocculant under Variable Shear Rate Based on Water Migration
Shi Wang, Xuepeng Song, Meiliang Wei, Wu Liu, Xiaojun Wang, Yuxian Ke, Tiejun Tao, & Hongbin Liu

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of a Methane Gas Explosion in a Full-Scale, Underground Longwall Coal Mine
Aditya Juganda, Claire Strebinger, Jurgen F. Brune, & Gregory E. Bogin Jr.

Study on the Occurrence of Rare Earth Elements in Coal Refuse Based on Sequential Chemical Extraction and Pearson Correlation Analysis
Tiancheng Nie, Changchun Zhou, Jinhe Pan, Zhiping Wen, Fan Yang, & Ruibo Jia

Decision Support System for the Prediction of Mine Fire Levels in Underground Coal Mining Using Machine Learning Approaches
Muhammad Kamran & Niaz Muhammad Shahani

Efficient Separation and Recovery of Vanadium, Titanium, Iron, Magnesium, and Synthesizing Anhydrite from Steel Slag
Jinrong Ju, Yali Feng, Haoran Li, Chenglong Xu, & Yi Yang

Research on the Explosion Effects and Fracturing Mechanism of Liquid Carbon Dioxide Blasting
Yanan Zhang, Hongwei Deng, Bo Ke, & Feng Gao

Oxidation of Pyrite Using Ozone Micro-Nano Bubbles
Rui Zhang, Hongqiang Wang, Eming Hu, Zhiwu Lei, Fang Hu, Wei Hou, & Qingliang Wang

Development of ANN-Based Universal Predictor for Prediction of Blast-Induced Vibration Indicators and its Performance Comparison with Existing Empirical Models
Amit Kumar Gorai, Vivek Kumar Himanshu, & Chiranjibi Santi