Top Downloaded Articles of 2022

Innovation in the Mining Industry: Technological Trends and a Case Study of the Challenges of Disruptive Innovation
Felipe Sánchez & Philipp Hartlieb

Mining 4.0—the Impact of New Technology from a Work Place Perspective
Joel Lööw, Lena Abrahamsson, & Jan Johansson

Modelling Global Nickel Mining, Supply, Recycling, Stocks-in-Use and Price Under Different Resources and Demand Assumptions for 1850–2200
Anna Hulda Olafsdottir & Harald Ulrik Sverdrup

Improvement of Working Conditions and Opinions of Mine Workers When Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) Are Used Instead of Diesel Machines — Results of Field Trial at the Kittilä Mine, Finland
A. Halim, J. Lööw, J. Johansson, J. Gustafsson, A. Wageningen, & K. Kocsis

Using LSTM and ARIMA to Simulate and Predict Limestone Price Variations
Tawum Juvert Mbah, Haiwang Ye, Jianhua Zhang, & Mei Long

Optimal Pitwall Shapes to Increase Financial Return and Decrease Carbon Footprint of Open Pit Mines
S. Utili, A. Agosti, N. Morales, C. Valderrama, R. Pell, & G. Albornoz

Development of Strategies to Reduce Ventilation and Heating Costs in a Swedish Sublevel Caving Mine—a Unique Case of LKAB’s Konsuln Mine
S. Gyamfi, A. Halim, & A. Martikainen

Post-Mining—a Holistic Approach
Jürgen Kretschmann

Bringing the Entrepreneurial Mindset into Mining Engineering Education
Aarti Sörensen et al.

Past, Present, and Future of Texas Industrial Minerals
J. Richard Kyle & Brent A. Elliott

Analysis of SLAM-Based Lidar Data Quality Metrics for Geotechnical Underground Monitoring
Lukas Fahle et al.

Mining in the Newspapers: Local and Regional Media Representations of Mineral Exploration and Mining in Finland, Germany, and Spain
Jari Lyytimäki et al.

The Flame Characteristics of a Tyre Fire on a Mining Vehicle
Rickard Hansen

A Review of Digital Transformation in Mining
Aaron Young & Pratt Rogers

The Effect of Particles on Surface Tension and Flotation Froth Stability
K. Hadler & J. J. Cilliers

A Review of Nickel, Copper, and Cobalt Recovery by Chelating Ion Exchange Resins from Mining Processes and Mining Tailings
Amilton Barbosa Botelho Junior, David B. Dreisinger, & Denise C. R. Espinosa

Combined Effect of Operating Parameters on Separation Efficiency and Kinetics of Copper Flotation
Ataallah Bahrami et al.

Automation in the Mining Industry: Review of Technology, Systems, Human Factors, and Political Risk
W. Pratt Rogers et al.

A Review of Rare-Earth Elements Extraction with Emphasis on Non-conventional Sources: Coal and Coal Byproducts, Iron Ore Tailings, Apatite, and Phosphate Byproducts
Meisam Peiravi et al.

Tailings Filtration Using Viper Filtration Technology—a Case Study
Oliver Whatnall, Kevin Barber, & Peter Robinson

Circulation of Sodium Sulfate Solution Produced During NiMH Battery Waste Processing
Antti Porvali, Vivek Agarwal, & Mari Lundström

Enhancing Safety in the Polish High-Methane Coal Mines: an Overview
Nikodem Szlązak, Dariusz Obracaj, & Justyna Swolkień

Rare Earth Element Deposits and Their Prospects in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Georges M. Kasay et al.

Applications of Wireless Indoor Positioning Systems and Technologies in Underground Mining: a Review
Masoud Zare, Rushikesh Battulwar, Joseph Seamons, & Javad Sattarvand

Isothermal and Non-Isothermal Reduction Behaviors of Iron Ore Compacts in Pure Hydrogen Atmosphere and Kinetic Analysis
Abourehab Hammam et al.

Results of an Opioid Hazard Awareness Training Intervention for Stone, Sand, and Gravel Miners
Cora Roelofs

Deep Eutectic Solvents (DESs) for Green Recycling of Wasted Lithium-Ion Batteries (LIBs): Progress on Pushing the Overall Efficiency
Zhongjie Wang, Shuie Li, Taibai Li, Tao Hu, & Xiang Ge

An Overview of Conventional Tailings Dam Geotechnical Failure Mechanisms
Luke Clarkson & David Williams

Thermodynamic and Kinetic Studies of Dissolution of Hematite in Mixtures of Oxalic and Sulfuric Acid
Paula Vehmaanperä, Riina Salmimies, & Antti Häkkinen

Leaching of Trace Amounts of Metals from Flotation Tailings in Cupric Chloride Solutions
Pelin Altinkaya et al.

Characterization and Iron Removal Enhancement of El-Zaafarana White Sand
Amr F. M. Ibrahim et al.

Effect of Cooling Rate and Slag Modification on the Copper Matte in Smelting Slag
Xiang Gao, Zhuo Chen, Junjie Shi, Pekka Taskinen, & Ari Jokilaakso

Development and Status of the Treatment Technology for Acid Mine Drainage
Le Tong, Ronggui Fan, Shuangchun Yang, & Cunlei Li

Safety Climate in MT Mining: A Case Study
Ty Murphy et al.

Stochastic Continuous Modeling for Pillar Stress Estimation and Comparison with 2D Numerical, and Analytical Solutions in an Underground Stone Mine
Juan J. Monsalve, Aman Soni, Mario Karfakis, Jim Hazzard, & Nino Ripepi