Aims and scope

Human – Intelligent Systems Integration publishes original articles on research and development efforts intended to promote the comprehensive integration of people and intelligent engineering systems. To help foster future generations of human-cyber-physical environments inspired by embedded artificial intelligence (AI), the journal focuses on novel methodologies, design tools and solutions that advance our understanding of the nature of human collaboration with intelligent technologies and services, as well as other artificial cognitive systems.

The Journal addresses all aspects of complex human systems integration, with a particular emphasis on intelligent systems in all domains of human activity, and on applications to industry, business, government, education, and everyday life. It attaches equal importance to human and artificial intelligence (AI), while also exploring key hardware, software and system interfaces in the technological and management processes for developing future engineering systems. It offers a truly multidisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners alike, discussing emerging issues in the field of integration of humans and engineering systems, with a special focus on (but not limited to) AI-based technologies. Its goal is to advance the theory and applications of human-AI systems collaboration, which taps into and expands on our knowledge of human-inspired design of intelligent systems. The journal also examines the human dimensions of complex cyber-physical systems and embedded artificial intelligence with applications across all domains of modern society.

Selected areas and topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Human-Systems Integration

• Intelligent Engineering Systems

• Human Collaboration with AI-based Technologies

• Design of Artificial Cognitive Systems

• Human-AI Teaming and Collaboration / Living with AI

• Intelligent Interfaces for Human-System Integration

• Self-Organization and Human-Inspired AI Design

• Embedded Human-System Intelligence

• Intelligent Complex Systems Engineering

• Human-System Interaction: Complexity and Uncertainty

• Emergent Behaviors of Human-Cyber-Physical Systems

Human – Intelligent Systems Integration welcomes theoretical and applied research papers, invited reviews and commentaries, and occasional book reviews relevant to human-intelligent systems integration, as well as intelligent human-systems integration.