Aims & scope - Interdisciplinary

The interdisciplinary section of SNAS provides a forum for original articles, short communications and review papers that cover multiple disciplines within Physical sciences, Engineering, and Earth & Environmental Sciences. Interdisciplinary papers combine concepts from various areas are to provide a better understanding of key processes. We encourage manuscripts combining or bridging disciplines with the ultimate aim of solving current global issues, including water and food security, climate change, energy use optimization or innovative health.

Examples of topics that are covered by the interdisciplinary include but are not limited to: Biotechnology, Food technology, Pharmaceutical studies, Agricultural studies, Sustainability studies, Science education, Bibliometrics, Restauration studies, Materials for environmental remediation, environmental architecture, Transport optimization, Applied Mathematics.

Some sample articles for the interdisciplinary section:

- An innovative method of extraction of coffee oil using an advanced microwave system: in comparison with conventional Soxhlet extraction method.

- A structural insight into the Chelyabinsk meteorite: neutron diffraction, tomography and Raman spectroscopy study.

- The evolution of the urinary bladder as a storage organ: scent trails and selective pressure of the first land animals in a computational simulation.

- Kemp, J.A. On inharmonicity in bass guitar strings with application to tapered and lumped constructions. SN Appl. Sci. 2, 636 (2020).

- Zhao, F., Sun, M., Li, X. et al. The manufacturing technology of iron swords from the capital of the Han Empire in China. SN Appl. Sci. 2, 1510 (2020).