Aims & scope - Engineering

The Engineering section provides a forum for various sub-disciplines of Engineering Technology, e.g., Bioengineering, Applied Engineering, Robotics and Control, Signal Processing, Data Analysis, Computational Mechanics, and Communications to mention a few. The section covers contributions on a broad aspect of experimental, numerical and theoretical research and its application such as

•             Acoustical Engineering

•             Aerospace Engineering

•             Automotive Engineering

•             Big Data, Data Science and Data Analysis

•             Biomedical Engineering

•             Chemical Engineering

•             Civil & Structural Engineering

•             Communication Systems Engineering (Complexity)

•             Computer Engineering/computational mechanics

•             Construction Engineering

•             Data Science & Technology (Big Data)

•             Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Circuits & Systems, Image Processing & Signal Processing)

•             Energy, Power and Industrial Applications Engineering/Energy Systems

•             Fluid Mechanics

•             Geotechnical Engineering (Petroleum Engineering, Mining Engineering, Rock mechanics, Soil mechanics)

•             Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing/ Additive Manufacturing

•             Maritime Engineering

•             Mechanical Engineering

•             Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence

•             Multiscale Modelling and Multiscale Analysis

•             Ocean Engineering

•             Production & Process Engineering

•             Robotics & Control

•             Solid Mechanics

•             Structural Engineering

•             Sustainable/Green Engineering

Some sample articles from the engineering section:

Computational evaluation of a novel beta radiation probe design using integrated circuits.

DEIM reduced order model constructed by hybrid snapshot simulation.

Characterization of a bonding method for titanium-glass sealing.

A study on an origami-based structure for use as a sun umbrella.

Evaluation of pure rapeseed oil as a renewable fuel for agricultural machinery based on emission characteristics and long-term operation behaviour of a fleet of 18 tractors.