Aims & scope - Earth and Environmental Science

The broad scope Earth and Environmental Science section of SN Applied Sciences aims to publish original articles and case studies that make significant contribution to the field. We welcome applied disciplinary papers  as  well as those with strong interdisciplinary connections with broader societal impact. We are particularly interested in contributions which demonstrate linkages between natural and anthropogenic processes, human-environmental interactions and applications.

Topics cover in this section includes but not limited:

-Climate Change

-Atmospheric Sciences


- Physical Geography

-Natural Hazards


-Geophysics and Environmental Physics


-Environmental Chemistry

-Environmental Engineering

-Environmental Pollution

-Environmental Management

-Geographical information system and Remote Sensing

-Urban Environmental Challenges

Some sample articles from the Earth & Environmental Sciences section:

The Hawaiian Koʻa Card: coral health and bleaching assessment color reference card for Hawaiian corals.

Movement tracing and analysis of benthic sting ray (Dasyatis akajei) and electric ray (Narke japonica) toward seabed exploration.

A novel protocol for mapping the spatial distribution of storm derived sediment in lakes.

Assessment of land degradation ‘on the ground’ and from ‘above’.

Worldwide pesticide usage and its impacts on ecosystem.