Webinar - In-situ fabrication of ZnO thin film electrode using spent Zn–C battery

9th March 2021, 10:00 CET

New Content ItemProfessor Veena Sahajwalla is an internationally recognized materials scientist, engineer, and inventor revolutionizing recycling science. She is renowned for pioneering the high temperature transformation of waste in the production of a new generation of ‘green materials.’  In 2018, Veena launched the world's first e-waste micro factory and in 2019 she launched her plastics micro factory, a recycling technology breakthrough. She is producing a new generation of green materials and products made entirely, or primarily, from waste. Veena also heads the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for ‘green manufacturing’, a leading national research center that works in collaboration with industry to ensure new recycling science is translated into real world environmental and economic benefits. In 2019 she was appointed inaugural Director of the Circular Economy Innovation Network by the NSW Government through its Office of Chief Scientist and Engineer.


This work establishes the in situ fabrication of a supercapacitor electrode, employing spent Zn–C batteries as precursor. Every year, extensive number of waste batteries including Zn–C battery end up in landfill, which prolonged the compulsion of waste disposal in landfill and creates environmental and health threat. The transformation of waste battery materials into fabricating components for energy applications, is of great significance for sustainable strategies but it is a challenging work to produce nanomaterials with purity by green methods. The present study proposes the in situ fabrication of ZnO NPs as ultra-thin film on a porous silicon (P-Si) substrate from spent Zn–C battery at 900 °C in the horizontal tube furnace under argon atmosphere. Obtained results demonstrate that spent Zn–C battery can be selected to fabricate the energy storage devices which can offer economical, technological and environmental advantages.

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