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25/10, 16:00 PM CEST

Assoc. Prof. Scheila de Avila e Silva
MSc. Gustavo Sganzerla Martinez

Coding bacterial genetic information into structural attributes- click the title to find out more

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Dr Rehana Malgas-Enus, Stellenbosch University, South Africa

Competitive removal of PGMs from aqueous solutions via dendrimer modified magnetic nanoparticles
Watch the recording here


Prof. Veena Sahajwalla

In-situ fabrication of ZnO thin film electrode using spent Zn–C battery  
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Dr. Keisha Bahr

The Hawaiian Koʻa Card: coral health and bleaching assessment color reference card for Hawaiian corals
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Dr James Hindley 

Membrane functionalization in artificial cell engineering
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Dr. Loredana Ricciardi

Advances in cancer photo-theranostics: the synergistic combination of transition metal complexes and gold nanostructures
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Dr. Shogo Hamada

Dawn of “life-like” molecular robotics 
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Prof. Daniel Errandonea

High-pressure characterization of Indium oxides for water splitting applications
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Prof. Michal Nowak

Biomimetic Structural Optimization Method: New paradigm for shape and topology optimization
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Prof. Yi Wang

DEIM Reduced Order Model Constructed by Hybrid Snapshot Simulation


Associated Prof. Tomas Bodnar

On some computational challenges in numerical simulations of stably stratified flows
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Dr Epule Terence Epule

Identifying maize yield and precipitation gaps Access the article here


Assistant Prof. Irfan Khan 
HVDC Transmission Technologies for Offshore Wind Power Plants
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Prof. Angelo Beltran Jr.

Fuzzy Logic–based Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Opal RT Real-Time Machine for Solar PV System
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Prof. Ann Mescher

Thermal Distribution in Earth's Interior 


Assistant Prof. Matteo Giacomini

Devising surrogate models for parametric flow problems: from microfluidics to viscous turbulent flows Access the Topical Collection here


Assoc. Prof. José Alberto Fracassi da Silva

3D Printing Enables the Fabrication of Low-Cost Microfluidic Devices 

6/9, 12 noon CEST (10 AM UTC).

Assistant Prof.  Stavros  Shiaeles

Machine Learning Anomaly Detection using Binary Visualisation 

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9/9, 15:00 CET

Julian Hunt

Cooling down the world oceans and the earth by enhancing the North Atlantic Ocean current 

20/9, 16:00 CET

Dr. Karina Martinez-Mayorga
Dr. Abraham Madariaga-Mazon
M.Sc. Andrés Marmolejo-Valencia

Biased agonism in the mu-opioid receptor 


21/9, 15:00 CET/ 6:00 PT

Prof. Ann Mescher

Microcrystal Alignment in Drawn Fiber 


22/9, 13:00 GMT

Dr Neel Sharma

Clinician Engineers - the future of healthcare 

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