Topical Collection: Interdisciplinary - Biotechnology for Air Pollution Control

This topical collection is focused on air pollution control by biological systems. It aims to publish research articles (short communications and full papers) presenting novel theoretical and experimental results in modeling, characterization and design of air pollution control by bioreactors and their processes, case studies and applications. Due to the relevance of atmospheric pollution on climate change, topics on this main theme might also be included.

Some  topics relevant for this collection include, but are not limited to:

Air quality monitoring, management, and assessment by bioreactors

  • Biotechnology applications on air pollution
  • Gas biofiltration
  • Process and bioreactor modeling, design, and characterization 
  • Greenhouse gases mitigation and climate change
  • Microalgae and bacteria co-cultures development
  • Valuable byproducts from CH4 oxidation and CO2 fixation

Guest Editors:- Dr. Armando GONZÁLEZ-SANCHEZ- Dr. Tania Lizet GÓMEZ-BORRAZ 

Papers must describe original research and must not be simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings.

All submissions should follow the instructions available at:

Authors can directly submit their papers at During the submission procedure, please select the title of this Topical Collection from the section/category (drop down menu) in Editorial Manager.