Topical Collection: Materials Science - Sustainable Cement-Based Composites

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This topical collection is dedicated to cement-based composite materials including different types of cementitious and concrete composites. It especially includes their impacts on sustainable development. It aims to provide the latest developments and advances in cement-based products with a focus on the sustainability (performance and durability) of the construction materials, and the production processing. These cement-based composites comprise all kinds of composites including different types of binding materials in addition to conventional portland cement composites. The collection covers theoretical, experimental, applied and modelling studies research on the materials, products and structures related to sustainable cement-based composites. Its objective is to provide a platform for discussing and publishing high quality interdisciplinary original research papers, reviews and short communications, including conference papers. The topics that this topical collection covers include  unknown and novel materials, production processes, hydration, fresh and hardened properties of cement based composite construction materials, unique experimental methods, advanced analytical and modelling methods, investigation of actual cement and concrete structures, improved cement based composite materials such as fiber- polymer cement composites, reinforced cement composites, ferro-cements, polymer impregnated composites, cement composites containing waste materials or industrial by-products as binder, admixture or aggregates, etc., microstructure, ingredient’s properties, testing and measuring methods, modelling, design, fabrication and practical applications of cement-based composite construction materials. Papers investigating the behavior of structural components, field performance and applications, the repair and maintenance, serviceability behavior, and sustainability of structures constructed using such sustainable cement composites will also be considered. The papers must include the relations between cement based composites and sustainability in addition to their impacts on sustainable development.

Guest editors:

  • Prof. Rafat Siddique
  • Assoc. Prof. Turhan Bilir

Papers must describe original research and must not be simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings.

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