Topical Collection: Earth & Environmental Sciences - Green Energy for Environmental Sustainability

The role of green energy and environmental sustainability in modern world is highly inevitable. Development is not possible without energy and sustainable development is not possible without sustainable energy. The modern world is highly dependent on energy sources and its alternatives. This dependence is only set to increase, all other technologies and fields rely on energy and as such the path of an energy engineer is both interesting and critical for the foreseeable future. The titles emphasizes with emerging topics in environmental chemical and biochemical engineering, wastewater treatment, energy and environmental sustainability using green technologies and industrial applications. It also presents the critical issues of the environment, including remediation and treatment of solid or aqueous wastes, air pollution, sustainability, hybrid energy systems and sustainable energy.

Guest Editors

  • Dr. Haribabu Krishnan
  • Dr. Sivasubramanian
  • Dr. Lity Alen Varghese

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