Topical Collection: Chemistry - Synthesis and Manufacturing of Materials for the Future

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“Synthesis and Manufacturing of Materials for the Future”

This Topical Issue will attempt to publish high quality short communications, research papers covering the most recent advances as well as comprehensive reviews addressing novel and state-of-the-art topics from active researchers in the field of materials, concerning, not only the synthesis, manufacturing and characterization, but also focusing on the applications at cutting-edge interface of materials science with physics, chemistry, biology and engineering. 

This topical issue covers a galaxy of materials ranging from natural materials to nanomaterials.

Guest Editors

  • Dr. Vijay Kumar Thakur
  • Dr. Saurav Goel
  • Dr. Stefan Ioan Voicu
  • Dr. Krzysztof Koziol
  • Dr. Hom Nath Dhakal

Papers must describe original research and must not be simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings.

All submissions should follow the instructions available at:

Authors can directly submit their papers at During the submission procedure, please select the title of this Topical Collection from the section/category (drop down menu) in Editorial Manager.