Topical Collection: Chemistry - Electronic Waste: Challenges and Solutions

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Although the environmental consequences of Electronic waste (e-waste) are perceptible on the global stage, enhancing the e-waste recycling has many potentials. So, for researchers, for industry and for the wider population, there is a golden opportunity to recover value-added resources from the world’s most problematic waste stream. A significant amount of research needs to be conducted, especially dealing with the following thematic areas of electronic waste, to establish robust new technologies that are cost-effective and energy-efficient, while at the same time minimizing environmental pollution:

  • Generation, characterization, minimization, storage, collection, transport, transfer and safe disposal
  • Recycling, reduce, reuse and reform
  • Technical processes, instruments and treatments (including but not limited to mechanical, chemical, thermal, other)
  • Planning, environmental, and economical assessments
  • Sustainable products, processes and developments

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  • Prof. Veena Sahajwalla

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