Topical Collection: Chemistry - Chemical Engineering: Materials, Biochemistry, Fuels, Energy

Articles already published in this topical collection

This TC welcomes submissions on the three main topics encapsulated into the field of Chemical Engineering: Materials science and processing, biochemistry and energy technologies.

This TC accepts innovative research papers in: organic and inorganic chemistry, quantum chemistry and spectroscopy, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical processes, transport phenomena, molecular thermodynamics, biochemistry, process control, separation processes, mass transfer, chemical reactors, design for environment, project management, micro and nano materials, polymers, macromolecural chemistry, solid-state physics and electronics, corrosion engineering, solar energy, energy technologies, quality control, environmental engineering, water and wastewater treatment engineering, air pollution engineering, sampling and analysis, biochemistry, biological physics, cell and tissue engineering, microbiology, biomaterials, building materials, quantitative physiology, biomedical engineering, petroleum, natural gas, oil, fuels, biofuels, solar fuels, coal conversion and alternative fuels.

This TC accepts papers on all chemical engineering applications.

Papers must describe original research and must not be simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings.

All submissions should follow the instructions available at:

Authors can directly submit their papers at During the submission procedure, please select the title of this Topical Collection from the section/category (drop down menu) in Editorial Manager.