Open Topical Collections - Materials Science

The following is a complete list of all open topical collections published in SN Applied Sciences in the field of Materials Science:

2D Materials: Synthesis, Fundamental Properties, and Applications
Guest editor: Dr. Babak Anasori

Advances in Fuel Cell Materials

Advances in Materials and Processing Techniques
Guest editors: Dr. Kaushik Kumar, Dr. B Sridhar Babu

Bio-materials and Membranes for Sustainable Environment
Guest editors: Dr. Sudip Chakraborty and Dr. Stefano Curcio

Material and Engineering Advances Towards Electrolyzers and Fuel Cells with Earth-Abundant Elements
Guest editors: Dr. Frédéric Jaouen, Dr. Deborah Jones, Dr. Serhiy Cherevko, Dr. José-Ramon Galan-Mascaros, Dr. Peter Strasser

Materials and Technologies to Advance Energy Usage
Guest editors: Dr. Yunlong Zhang, Dr. Sajid Bashir and Dr. Jingbo Louise Liu

Materials for Modern Days Applications
Guest editors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kwok Feng Chong, Dr. Gomaa A.M. Ali, Dr. Zinab H Bakr

Materials for Rural Applications
Guest editors: Dr. Manish Kumar, Dr. Vijay Kumar Thakur, Dr. Nagendra Kaushik, Prof. Devesh K. Avasthi

Nanomaterials Towards Water Treatment

Guest Editor: Dr Rehana Malgas-Enus

Nanoparticles/Nanomaterials and Applications 2020
Guest editors: Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Capelo, Prof. Dr. Carlos Lodeiro, Dr. Hugo M. Santos , Dr. Elisabete Oliveira

Natural Fibers: Smart Sustainable Solutions
Guest editors: Dr.Raul Fangueiro, Diana P. Ferreira

New Era for Cost Effective and High Performance Perovskite Solar Cells
Guest editors: Prof. Dr. Shahzada Ahmad, Prof. Dr. Samrana Kazim, Dr. Ahmed Esmail Shalan

Photocatalysis and Electrocatalysis: Latest News and Research
Guest editor: Dr. David Wakerley

Recent and Future Prospects in the Plasma-Driven Vapor Deposition Process
Guest editors: Dr. Damien Thiry, Prof. Andrei Choukourov

Sustainable Building Materials, the Netherlands, 2019
Guest editor: Prof. H.J.H. Brouwers

Sustainable Cement-Based Composites
Guest editors: Prof. Rafat Siddique, Assoc. Prof. Turhan Bilir

Technologies and Materials for a Practical Circular Economy
Guest editors: Prof. Dr. Anke Weiden-Kaff