Open Topical Collections - Earth & Environmental Sciences

The following is a complete list of all open topical collections published in SN Applied Sciences in the field of Earth & Environmental Sciences:

Advances in Desalination
Guest editor: Dr. Muhammad Wakil Shahzad

Advances in Geomatics Research
Guest editors: Dr. John Richard Otukei, Prof. Anthony Gidudu, Prof. Maruthi Sridhar Balaji Bhaskar

Advances in Technological Developments in Geology & Earth Science 2020
Guest editor: Robert Martin

Advances in Urban Global Environmental Challenges

Bio/processes for Sustainable Environment & Energy
Guest editors: Dr. Kasturi Dutta, Dr. Angana Sarkar, Dr. Achlesh Daverey

Bioremediation: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives 
Guest editors: Dr. Anket Sharma, Dr. Ali El-Naggar, Dr. Tushar C. Sarker, Prof. Renu Bhardwaj, Prof. Bingsong Zheng

Earth Observations for Agriculture: GEOGLAM and Beyond

Emerging Environmental Pollutants in Water: Prioritization Advancement
Guest Editor: Dr. Melusi Thwala

Engineering geosciences, geotechnics and functional geomaterials: new trends on GIS mapping, geotechnologies and design with geohazards
Guest editors: Prof. Helder I. Chaminé, Dr. Ana Pires, Prof. Isabel Fernandes, Prof. Richard Přikryl, Prof. Atiye Tuğrul, Prof. H. Şebnem Düzgün, Prof. Luis I. González de Vallejo

Environment Energy and Engineering Strategies for Sustainability
Guest editors: Dr. Sudesh Bekal, Dr. I R Mithanthaya, Dr. Srinivasa Pai P, Dr. Arun Kumar Bhat

Environmental Change, Resilience, Adaptation and Sustainability in Africa
Guest editor: Dr. Terence Epule Epule

Forest Resilience, Society and Development: Application of Geospatial Technology
Guest editors: Dr. Pravat Kumar Shit, Dr. Dipanwita Dutta, Dr. Gouri Sankar Bhunia, Dr. Pulakesh Das, Dr Sandipan Das

GeoResources and Environmental Impact Assessment in North Africa
Guest editors: Dr.Hadji Riheb, Dr. Hamed Younes, Dr. Bouri Salem

Glacier Changes and Associated Impacts
Guest editors: Dr. Lydia Sam, Dr. Anshuman Bhardwaj

Green Energy for Environmental Sustainability
Guest editors: Dr. Haribabu Krishnan, Dr. Sivasubramanian, Dr. Lity Alen Varghese

Groundwater Management: Sustainability, Environment and Hydrogeoethics
Guest editors: Prof. Helder I. Chaminés, Dr. Manuel Abrunhosa, Prof. Rute Saraiva, Archt. María Feliciana Fernández-García, Dr. José Joel Carrillo-Rivera, Prof. Marcela Perez, Prof. Maurizio Barbieri

Groundwater vulnerability and challenge to future in rapid developing coastal cities of Indonesia
Guest editors: Dr. Seiichiro Ioka, Prof. Shin-ichi Onodera, Dr. Mitsuyo Saito

Meteorological Extremes
Guest editor: Dr. Adarsh S

Natural hazards and hydrological risks: climate change – water – sustainable society nexus
Guest editors: Dr. Francisco Fernandes, Dr. Ana Malheiro, Prof. Helder I. Chaminé

Pollution and Health Impacts

Plant Responses to Changing Environment

Guest editors: Dr. Anket Sharma, Dr. Marco Landi, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Muthusamy Ramakrishnan, Dr. Huwei Yuan

Role of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Sustainable Rural Development

Guest editors: Dr. Vankata Ravibabu Mandla, Prof. Kamal Jain, Dr. Xuan Zhu, Dr. Nagaveni Chokkavarapu

Submarine Groundwater Discharge Fluxes (fresh water, nutrients, and pollutants) to the Asian Coastal Regions
Guest editors: Dr. D. S. Suresh Babu, Dr. Manish Kumar, Dr. Daniel D. Snow, Dr. A. L. Ramanathan

Sustainable Buildings and Infrastructure
Guest editor: Dr. Hany Farouk Shehata

Today’s Progress and Tomorrow’s Climate Challenges
Guest editor: Dr. John Karen

Waste Reduction, Recycle and Utilization for Value Added Products
Guest editors: Dr. Achlesh Daverey, Dr. Biswanath Mahanty, Dr. Kasturi Dutta

Water pollution and health risk assessment
Guest editors: Dr. Narsimha Adimalla, Dr. Hui Qian