Open Topical Collections - Engineering

The following is a complete list of all open topical collections published in SN Applied Sciences in the field of Engineering:

3D printing, Rapid Prototyping Principles and Applications 2021 

Guest Editor: Dr. Amin Fatemi

5G Networks, Data Traffic, Photonics and Remote Transmissions
Guest editor: Dr. Ankan Bhattacharya

Adaptive Model, Mesh and Resolution Techniques for Computationally-Demanding Problems in Simulation-Based Engineering
Guest editors: Dr. Matteo Giacomini, Prof. Enrique Nadal Soriano

Advancements in Meta-heuristic Techniques for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
Guest editors: Prof. Dilbag Singh, Dr. Vijay Kumar, Prof. Kehui Sun, Prof. Manjit Kaur, Prof. Cheng-Hsiung Hsieh

Advances in Civil Engineering: Towards a Sustainable Future
Guest editors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Khairunisa Muthusamy, Dr. Sharifah Maszura Syed Mohsin, Dr. Nur Farhayu Ariffin, Dr. Nurul Nadrah Aqilah Tukiman, Dr. Ahmed Mokhtar Albshir Budiea

Advances in Computer Intelligence & Technology: Towards Embracing Industry 4.0
Guest editors: Assoc. Prof. Dr.Mohamad Fadli Zolkipli, Dr. Saiful Azad, Dr. Wan Isni Sofiah Wan Din, Dr. Seung-Mok Lee, Keimyung University, Dr. Ahmad Fakhri Ab. Nasir, Dr. Ahamad Zaki Mohamed Noor

Advances in Mechatronics Engineering: Embracing Industry 4.0
Guest editors: Mr. Mohd Azraai Mohd Razman, Dr. Anwar P.P. Abdul Majeed, Dr. Nafrizuan Mat Yahya, Prof. Dr. Hyun Myung, Dr. Ismayuzri Ishak, Dr. Muhammad Aizzat Zakaria

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Pharmaceutics and Biomedical Engineering 2021 

Guest Editor: Dr. Amin Fatemi                                

Applied Mechanics and Materials Engineering
Guest editor: Prof. Magd Abdel Wahab

Bio-Inspired Optimization Algorithms
Guest editors: Dr. Jagdish Chand Bansal, Dr. Harish Sharma, Dr. Kusum Deep, Dr. Atulya Nagar

Guest editor: Dr. Murat Kadir Yesilyurt

Blockchain Technology, Smart Contracts and Industry Applications
Guest editor: Prof. Saad Motahhir

Building Heritage and Conservation Studies
Guest editors: Dr. Tiago Ferreira, Dr. Hugo Rodrigues

Cloud of things for digital engineering
Guest editors: Dr. V. Suma, Dr. Noureddine Bouhmala

Cognitive Computing For Human-Robot Interaction
Guest editors: Dr. Gunasekaran Manogaran, Dr. Hassan Qudrat-Ulla, Dr. Qin Xin

Combining Numerical Computation and Geometric Modelling
Guest editors: Dr. Michal Nowak, Dr. Francesco dell'Isola, Dr. Jean-Francois Ganghoffer

Communication Solutions for Wireless Mobile Networks and Advanced Networking
Guest editors: Dr. Osamah Ibrahim Khalaf, Dr. Kingsley A. Ogudo, Dr. Meirambek Kazimovich Zhaparov, Dr. Parag Chatterjee

Communications Systems: Transceivers, Radars, SDR, Networking, Telecommunications Broadcasting
Guest editors: Prof. Samarendra Nath Sur

Computational Biomechanics
Guest editors: Dr. Ricardo Sousa, Dr. Mariusz Ptak

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in energy related problems
Guest editor: Prof. Omar D. Lopez

Computational Multiscale Modelling and Analysis in Engineering and Mechanics
Guest editors: Prof. Julien Yvonnet, Prof. Marc Geers

Current Trends in Chemical Engineering: Food, Water & Energy
Guest editors: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Cheng Chin Kui, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sumaiya Zainal Abidin Murad, Dr. Herma Dina Setiabudi

Cyber Security, Digital Forensics and Resilience
Guest editors: Dr. Fudong Li, Dr. Nicholas Kolokotronis, Dr. Emanuele Bellini, Dr. Stavros Shiaeles

Digital Image Processing
Guest editor: Dr. M. Khosravi , Dr. Sajid Ali Khan

Distributed Mobile Robotic Systems
Guest editors: Assistant Prof. Guillaume Sartoretti, Prof. Giovanni Beltrame, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heiko Hamann, Assistant Prof. Hang Ma

Edge Computing for Big Data
Guest editors: Dr. Manimurugan Shanmuganathan, Dr. Saad M Almutairi, Dr.Danilo Pelusi

Electromagnetics: Antennas, Sensors, Fields, Waves, Numerical Techniques, EMC
Guest editor: Prof. Dr. Mehrdad Ahmadi Kamarposhti

Energy Applications, Theoretical Modeling and Design Optimization
Guest editor: Prof. Dr. Zied Driss

Failure Mechanisms in Picasso’s Paintings
Guest editors: Prof. Laura Fuster López, Prof. Alison Murray, Dr. Reyes Jiménez Garnica

Fluid Mechanics, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Interaction
Guest editor: Dr. Mostafa Ghasemi Baboli

Fostering Innovations in Software Engineering 
Guest editors: Dr. Varun Gupta, Prof. Thomas Hanne, Prof. Rainer Telesko

Industrial Informatics: Data Analytics in Remote Sensing and Cyber-Physical Systems
Guest editors: Dr. Mohammad Khosravi, Prof. Varun Menon

Industry 4.0, IoT solutions and Smart Industries
Guest editors: Dr. Mohammad Khosravi, Prof. Varun Menon, Prof. Isak Karabegovic

Information Science: Informatics, Informetrics, Scientometrics and Altmetrics
Guest editors: Dr. Mohammad Khosravi, Prof. Varun Menon

Integrated Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems
Guest editor: Prof. Mohan Lal Kolhe

Innovations in Multimedia Information Processing & Security
Guest editors: Prof Tanvi Arora, Prof. Renu Dhir, Dr. Rohit Handa, Prof. Rituraj Soni

IOT in Mobile, Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing (I-MBC)
Guest editors: Dr. M. Durai Pandian, Dr. Vo Ngoc Phu, Dr. Shariq Hussain

Limit States Analysis and Design of Structures and Materials
Guest editors: Prof. K.V. Spiliopoulos, Prof. D. Weichert, Prof. A.R.S. Ponter

Machine learning in sports and physical activities
Guest editors: Dr. Anwar P.P. Abdul Majeed, Dr. Rabiu Muazu Musa, Dr. Mohd Azraai Mohd Razman, Dr. Ahmad Fakhri Abd Nasir

Machine Learning towards Intelligent Edge Computing
Guest editors: Dr. Surbhi Bhatia, Dr. Parul Gandhi, Dr. Mohammad Tabrez Quasim, Dr Riktesh Srivastava

Materials and structures for energy harnessing, mining operations, and built environment
Guest editors: Ali Karrech, Mohamed Elchalakani, Fethi Abbassi

Mechanical Design in Industrial Applications
Guest editor: Hugo Miguel Andrade Lopes Figueiredo Da Silva

Mechanical Engineering: Design, Computational, Applications
Guest editor: Dr. Murat Kadir Yesilyurt

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Modern Processes

Guest editor: Professor Vadim V. Silberschmidt

Metaheuristics for Machining Processes
Guest editors: Anand Kulkarni, A.-Moumen Darcherif, Kazi Shah Nawaz Ripon

Model-based System Development: Definitions, Approaches, Methodologies
Guest editors: Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Bajzek, Prof. Hannes Hick

Molecular Robotics
Guest editors: Dr. Shogo Hamada 

Progress in Engineering Fundamentals, Applied Sciences and Technologies
Guest editor: Dr. Mostafa Ghasemi Baboli

Recent Developments and Emerging Trends in Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) 2021 

Guest Editor: Dr. Amin Fatemi             

Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing 2021 

Guest Editor: Dr. Amin Fatemi                                             

Recent trends on Edge-Fog Computation Paradigms for Internet of Things
Guest editors: Dr. Deepak Gupta, Prof. Dr. D. Ganesh Gopal, Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Ahlawat

Recent Trends in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Guest editors: Dr. Mohamad Shaiful Abdul Karim, Dr. Ahmad Syahiman Mohd Shah, Prof. Dr. Sabira Khatun, Amar Faiz Zainal Abidi, Jessnor Arif Mat Jizat

Recent trends in Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering 2021

Guest Editor: Dr. Amin Fatemi

Recent Trends in Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer

Guest editors: Prof. Dr. M. M. Bhatti, Prof. Dr. Sara I. Abdelsalam, Prof. Dr. A. Zeeshan

Recent Problems in Fluid Mechanics
Guest editors: Prof. Tomáš Bodnar, Prof. Philippe Fraunie, Ing. David Šimurda ,Prof. Elfriede Friedmann, Prof.. Marília Pires

Research Development and Challenges in Smart Systems
Guest editors: Prof. P. Karthigaikumar, Assoc. Prof. Kiran Bellam, Assoc. Prof. Anand Paul

Resilience and Sustainability
Guest editors: Dr. Ehsan Noroozinejad, Dr. Abbas Sivandi-Pour

Safety and Structural Integrity of Railway Infrastructures and Rolling Stock
Guest editors: Dr. Pedro Aires Montenegro, Prof. Diogo Ribeiro, Prof. Hermes Carvalho, Prof. Shengchuan Wu, Prof. Rui Calçada

Signal Processing
Guest editor: Prof. Saad Motahhir

Socio-Cognitive Engineering
Guest editors: Prof. Ali Meghdari, Prof. Minoo Alemi, Dr. Borhan Beigzadeh, Dr. Christian Cousin, Prof. Olov Engwall, Prof. Mohammad Mahoor, Prof. Majid Nili Ahmadabadi, Dr. Alireza Taheri, Prof. Harko Verhagen, Prof. Jingang Yi, Dr. Julia M. Puaschunder 

State of the Art on Autonomous Robot Systems and Competitions
Guest editors: Professor Nuno Lau, Professor Manuel F. Silva, Professor José Cascalho, Professor Luís Paulo Reis

Structural Integrity of Technical Systems and Complex Structures
Guest editors: Dr. José Correia, Dr. Abílio de Jesus, Dr. Grzegorz Lesiuk, Dr. Shun-Peng Zhu, Dr. Rui Calçada

Sustainable Energy Trends in the Developing Economies
Guest editor: Dr. Imran Khan

Sustainable Process Design and Optimization: Advances 2021

Guest Editor: Dr. Amin Fatemi                                                    

The Clinician Engineer
Guest editors: Dr Neel Sharma, Dr Ali K Yetisen, Dr Mads S Bergholt 

Theory and Applications for Learning Guided Evolutionary Optimization in multi modal data science
Guest editors: Dr. Parameshachari B.D. , Dr. Silvia Liberata Ullo, Dr. Liyanage Chandratilak De Silva

Unmanned Aviation: Integration into the National Airspace
Guest editor: Dr. Kimon P. Valavanis

Young Investigators in Computational Science and Engineering
Guest editors: Dr. Konrad Perzyński, Prof. Dr. Alexander Popp, and Prof. Dr. Stefanie Elgeti