Meet the Managing Editors for SN Applied Sciences

Dr. Chris Poole

Earth and Environmental Science Managing Editor

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“At present, the Earth and environment face many challenges, often with anthropogenic causes. Issues such as climate change, natural hazards, sustainable development and resource management require innovative, applied research to find new breakthroughs and solutions. At SN Applied Sciences, we encourage multidisciplinary submissions that tackle these Earth and environmental issues.”

Chris Poole has a background in Geoscience, having received an MGeol in Geology from the University of Leicester and a PhD in Earth Sciences from University College London. He has experience across a range of disciplines, including stratigraphy, geochemistry, evolution and environmental research. Following a shipboard scientist role with the International Ocean Discovery Program and associated postdoctoral research, he transitioned into scientific publishing, working in several editor roles before joining SN Applied Sciences. Chris is based at the London office, UK.

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Dr. Nastaran Ranjbar

Chemistry & Materials Managing Editor

Photo of Nastaran Ranjbar"Focusing on purposeful applied science originating from pure science is our target. The applied chemistry and material science papers encompass a broad spectrum of scientific discoveries and research which create numerous usable results and products. Our mission is to help sound applied scientists introduce their work to the globe".

Nastaran Ranjbar Sahraie was awarded the title of Doctor of Science from TU Berlin and the International Graduate School BIG NSE within DFG Cluster of Excellence Unicat. During her PhD, she worked on materials for energy conversion and catalysis. As Managing Editor for the Materials/Chemistry section of the journal she will handle papers a variety of topics across the field of chemistry and material sciences. Before joining Springer Nature, she worked as a postdoctoral scientist at CNRS, on different subjects including novel electrocatalysts.

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Dr. Thomas von Larcher

Engineering Managing Editor

Photo of Thomas von Larcher“Today, research often focuses on multidisciplinary projects that cover the expertise of reference experiments, numerical modelling, and theory to provide a better understanding of key processes. In applied sciences, focused cooperation of academia, industry and government has led and still leads to new developments which results in various new products in engineering technologies. For example, think of the rapid advances in renewable energies. With this journal, we provide a platform to spread the results of sound sciences and interdisciplinary research in the growing disciplines of applied sciences.”

Thomas von Larcher is a Geoscientist by education with broad experience in various disciplines, e.g., engineering, fluid mechanics, atmospheric sciences, and applied mathematics. He received his PhD in Engineering Technology from Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus, Germany. He is especially interested in experiments, numerical modelling, and computational mechanics. He is based at the Springer Nature office in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. As managing editor in the Engineering section of the journal he handles research articles as well as research letters and short communications of various sub-disciplines of engineering technologies and mechanics.

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