Areas of Expertise - Executive Editors

Dear Authors,

During online submission of your manuscript you may request an Executive Editor to be assigned to your paper. Please find below a list of the Executive Editors with their Areas of Expertise. The request will be taken by advisement of the journal office. If you do not request an Executive Editor, your manuscript will be assigend to the appropriate Executive Editor(s) as determined by the Journal Staff. Thank you.

Executive Editors

Areas of Expertise

Prof. Dr. Emilio Carbone,

Ion channel physiology, Calcium channels, Intracellular calcium signaling, Neurosecretion, Exocytosis and endocytosis, Neuroendocrine cell physiology, The adrenal axis physiology, Neurophysiology of stress, Amperometric and potentiometric recordings, Micro-electrode array

Prof. Yung E. Earm,

Cardiovascular physiology, Stretch activated channels (and NSC), Hemodynamics, Physiome and Computational physiology, Pulmonary circulation and Hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction, Atrial volume receptor, Systems physiology

Prof. Dr. Olga Garaschuk,

Ageing, Calcium imaging, Calcium signaling, Neurodegenerative disorders, Neuronal activity, Synaptic networks

Prof. Dr. Armin Kurtz,

Electrolyte, mineral and volume homeostasis, Renal and gastrointestinal physiology, Oxygencontrol of gene expression, Respiration, Lung function, Systemic functions intransgenic models

Prof. Dr. Yasuo Mori,

TRP channels, Oxygen physiology, Physiology of cellular redox status, Inflammation, Calcium channels, Neurotransmitter release, Excitation-transcription coupling, Channelopathy

Prof. Dr. Ole H. Petersen CBE,

Exocrine glands,H ormones/signal transduction, Calcium signalling/imaging, Instruments, Techniques

Prof. Dr. Pieter P. de Tombe,

Cardiovascular physiology, Muscle mechanics and energetics, Skeletal muscle physiology, Cardiac muscle physiology, Calcium homeostasis in striated muscle, Electro-mechanical coupling, Hemodynamics, Cardiac output

Dr. Huang-Tian Yang,

Calcium signalling, Calcium transient, Cardiac muscle, Cardiac myocytes, Regeneration, Stem cell