Aims and scope

Pflügers Archiv European Journal of Physiology publishes the results of high-quality original research covering the whole range of physiology and pathophysiology. It is the official journal of the German Physiological Society. Papers should give mechanistic insights into physiological functions at the molecular, cellular or organ level. The journal welcomes papers linking genomic and proteomic approaches to physiological functions, as well as articles describing work on the mechanistic phenotyping of transgenic animal models. In addition, Pflüger´s Archiv welcomes papers on methods when these facilitate the further investigation of physiological mechanisms. Priority will be given to manuscripts that provide conceptual novelty, but also papers reporting negative results of broad interest will be considered. The journal publishes Reviews and Commentaries by invitation only; if you would like to submit a Review or Commentary please contact the journal editorial office with a pre-submission enquiry.