Aims and scope

SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine is a broadly based, peer reviewed journal that publishes original research in all disciplines of clinical medicine and their subspecialties. The journal aims to be a global forum for the discussion of all aspects of Imaging, Surgical and Medical studies related to diagnosis, treatment and management. In addition, the journal serves the international medical community for the dissemination of information connecting research, theory and practice in these fields.

SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine welcomes submissions from a wide range of medical fields from basic and translational research, clinical studies and methods and research to health care delivery and curriculum development. The journal publishes papers in the following categories: Original Research, Brief Communications, Case Reports and Reviews. All papers are evaluated on the basis of scientific content. Submissions are first screened for research and publication ethics prior to peer review. Reviewers are asked to focus on the validity of the data and conclusions presented. The journal reviews each submission from a ‘sound science’ perspective.

In addition to direct submissions, SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine welcomes papers that have been referred from Springer Nature’s prestigious clinical medicine journal portfolio.