Aims and scope

Zeitschrift für Grundschulforschung (ZfG) (“Journal for Primary Education Research”) is an established journal for academic publications that deal with issues related to education in primary schools; not only with a national, but also increasingly with an international perspective. It also takes into account problems with the institutions, professions and practices that precede and follow primary education. ZfG publishes double-blind peer-reviewed articles that provide theory- and research-based insights into primary and elementary education.

With its focus on primary and elementary education, the journal covers a broad and complex field of discourse and research. This includes the scientific examination of external and internal school conditions for the success of collective and individual education and learning processes as well as the claimed and realised quality of their progression and results. Furthermore, the field of discourse and research includes questions concerning the organisational, temporal, social, curricular and methodological design of primary and elementary education under culturally, regionally and locally varying contextual conditions and requirements by taking the participating pedagogical professions into account. ZfG publishes theoretical reflections and discourses of different disciplinary origins on the aforementioned topics and welcomes research beyond those issues.

In terms of research methodology, the journal is open to the approaches of analysis cultivated in the educational sciences, which can be attributed to the empirical-quantitative, the empirical-qualitative, the historical or the internationally comparative paradigm.

The journal addresses colleagues in research, educational administration and educational practice as well as all those who teach or research in primary and elementary education and who are interested in current national and international progress and research findings in this field.

The journal is published twice a year with one issue in March/April and one issue in September/October. Each issue contains research contributions on a specific topic, which the editors announce in advance by Call for Papers. In addition, each issue also contains open contributions on other topics. Introductory and discursive contributions are published in accordance with the respective main topic, as well as book reviews.

On the basis of submitted exposés, the editorial team decides which proposals will undergo a peer review process. Each article is submitted anonymously to two reviewers for evaluation. Depending on their assessment, it will be decided whether the submitted article will be published. Exposés and contributions are submitted online via Editorial Manager.