The Journal's Founder

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Professor Mariam Al Maadeed, Founder of Emergent Materials

“Emergent Materials Journal reflects the continuous evolving science and engineering research worldwide. It highlights the broad scope, wide applications, and present and future needs for advanced materials to respond to the increasing technological and societal demands. The journal underlines the proprieties of the advanced emergent materials and their role in achieving sustainability and a knowledge-based economy.

The main goal behind the foundation of this journal:

  • Establish Qatar University on the global map of research and innovation, as well as investing its world-class innovative faculty and researchers, talented students, and state of the art facilities to strengthen the University's role in developing industry and society.
  • Promote world collaboration, exchange knowledge, face challenges, solve critical problems, and bring the best research quality of the region to the international community.

Researchers are invited to join this unique high quality journal which is indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases.”

The Founder, Prof. Mariam Al Maadeed, is the VP for Research and Graduate Studies at Qatar University and a leading scientist in materials science, nanotechnology, education strategies and higher education research and policies. Author/co-author of more than 200 papers along with books' chapters, edited books, and patents. Chair/member of various committees, associations, boards, conferences, journals. She is a receiver of many prizes, awards, grants, and an inspiring personality for women in science.