Call for Papers for the Special Issue on “Continuous Casting”

Continuous casting has become the main process whereby molten steel is solidified into a semi-finished billet, bloom, or slab for subsequent rolling. This process involves multiphase flow, heat and mass transfer, interfacial reaction, solidification, and so on. It is one of the critical steps during high-quality steel production. The social development puts forward improved requirements on physical and mechanical properties of steel. This in turn requires a strict control in the steel casting process with respect to steel compositions, cleanliness, homogenization, solidification structure, and various defects of steel semi-product. In addition, it is necessary to further improve the production efficiency and to lower the production cost, which is important for the sustainable competitiveness of steel. To achieve above aims, technological progress in continuous casting is of great significance. Furthermore, big data and intelligent manufacturing have been reforming the traditional manufacturing. This is also a good chance for the creative development of steel continuous casting to realize industry 4.0.

To present state-of-the-art studies on new advances in steel continuous casting, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International plans to organize a special issue on "Continuous Casting" in 2021 (regular issue). Prof. Peiyuan Ni from Northeastern University, Assoc. Prof. Lejun Zhou from Central South University, and Prof. Ying Ren from University of Science and Technology Beijing are invited to serve as guest editors for this special issue. It is our pleasure to invite you to submit original contributions to this special issue. Articles include but not limited to the following topics are welcome.

• Advanced technologies for high-efficiency casting of slabs, blooms and billets

• Ladle and tundish metallurgical solutions for steel cleanliness

• Interfacial reactions, refractories and clogging

• Non-metallic inclusions and clean steel casting

• Mold flux, mold lubrication and heat transfer

• External fields technology in continuous casting

• Near net shape continuous casting

• Product quality control: surface quality and internal soundness

• Numerical simulation and modelling (solidification, multiphase flow, validation)

• Measurement, automation and process control

• Industry 4.0, machine learning and digitalisation

Submission of manuscript:

1) Submission deadline is September 30, 2021.

2) Manuscript should be submitted in a style consistent with the “Instruction for Authors” and “Guide for the Preparation of a Manuscript” of Journal of Iron and Steel Research International.

3) The manuscript should be submitted via Journal of Iron and Steel Research International online submission site on the following URL:

If you have any questions on the operation of electronic submission, please contact the Editorial group. (E-mail:; TEL: +86-10-62182295)