Call for papers: Special Issue on “Electroslag Metallurgy”

Electroslag metallurgy plays an important role in the field of high-quality special alloys and the materials used for high-end equipment manufacturing such as rotor steel, bearing steel, die steel, and superalloy. Moreover, electroslag metallurgy technology has been extended to the field of resource recovery. The equipment and processing characteristics of electroslag metallurgy have important influence on its product quality. In recent years, a series of new technologies in the family of electroslag metallurgy have been developed such as electroslag continuous casting, current-conductive mold technology, electroslag casting with liquid metal, and pressurized/protective atmosphere electroslag remelting. Meanwhile, a large number of excellent achievements have been produced in the electroslag fields such as slag optimization, alloying element control, solidification structure regulation, and numerical simulation. Increasing attentions from smelters and researchers have been obviously paid to electroslag metallurgy.

In this trend, Journal of Iron and Steel Research International plans to organize a special issue on "electroslag metallurgy" in 2021 (regular issue). Associate Professor Wanming Li from University of Science and Technology Liaoning, Associate Professor Qiang Wang from Wuhan University of Science and Technology, and Associate Professor Chengbin Shi from University of Science and Technology Beijing are invited to serve as guest editors for this special issue.

Topics addressed in this Special Issue include but are not limited to:

(1) New technologies and applications of electroslag metallurgy.

(2) Slag for electroslag metallurgy.

(3) Thermodynamics and kinetics of reactions during electroslag metallurgy.

(4) Electroslag metallurgy modeling.

(5) Cleanliness and non-metallic inclusions in electro- slag metallurgy.

(6) Microstructure control of electroslag products.

(7) Other aspects of quality control of electroslag products.

The studies carried out in laboratories and steel plants on electroslag metallurgy are warmly welcomed.

Submission of manuscript

(1) Submission deadline is 31th August, 2021.

(2) Manuscript should be submitted in a style consistent with the “Instruction for Authors” and “Guide for the Preparation of a Manuscript” of Journal of Iron and Steel Research International.

(3) The manuscript should be submitted via Journal of Iron and Steel Research International online submission site on the following URL:

If you have any questions on the operation of electronic submission, please contact the Editorial group. (E-mail:; TEL: +86-10-62182295)

Schedule for issue

Journal of Iron and Steel Research International, 2021, Vol. 28, No. 12.