Aims and scope

IJPP publishes original research papers and review papers related to physiology, ecology and production of field crops and forages at field, farm and landscape level. Preferred topics are: (1) yield gap in cropping systems: estimation, causes and closing measures, (2) ecological intensification of plant production, (3) improvement of water and nutrients management in plant production systems, (4) environmental impact of plant production, (5) climate change and plant production, and (6) responses of plant communities to extreme weather conditions.

Please note that IJPP does not publish papers with a background in genetics and plant breeding, plant molecular biology, plant biotechnology, as well as soil science, meteorology, product process and post-harvest management unless they are strongly related to plant production under field conditions.

Papers based on limited data or of local importance, and results from routine experiments will not normally be considered for publication. Field experiments should include at least two years and/or two environments. Papers on plants other than field crops and forages, and papers based on controlled-environment experiments will not be considered.