Call for state-of-the-art reviews

With the ongoing cancellation of scientific meetings, the European Journal of Applied Physiology is announcing a call for for state-of-the-art reviews. These mini-reviews are concise summaries of innovative research seen as driving new research directions. The goal of a state-of-the-art review is to introduce readers to recent advances and research trends in an area that may be outside of their own research area. The writing must be clear and free from jargon so that physiologists outside of that particular research area can benefit.  
The manuscript should be between 2000 and 4000 words, plus figures, tables and references. Manuscripts may have up to three figures and/or tables. The number of references is as required to support the paper.

Interested authors should complete and submit the review proposal in full (a template is available  here) to the EJAP Reviews Editor.