Call for Papers: The Pandemic and the Meaning of Everyday Life

Arena of Health

Human Arenas is opening a new call for papers inviting articles to discuss the manifold aspects of the pandemic experience in human life and in the global ecosystem. We invite submissions from all disciplines, including for instance psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, arts, economy, health, biological sciences, etc. with a particular interest in significant and innovative multidisciplinary works. Submissions can be both theoretical and empirical, they must present significant and critical theoretical advancements and reflections, and must not be limited to the reproduction of ideas or to the presentation of mere empirical data.

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a strong impact on the global ecosystem, including human activities and lives, both at the individual and collective levels. It is of course not the first pandemic in human history, but it has a huge visibility as it is seeming so far to affect rich and privileged countries. At the same time, the fact that peoples' lives have been suspended in a long quarantine has been an opportunity to reflect upon our contemporary life condition and its meaning. We encourage scholars from all the continents to engage in a productive discussion on the consequences, future directions and emerging phenomena related to the pandemic.

We also encourage submission with innovative formats. For more on the article formats accepted by Human Arenas:

The submission of articles is open from August 1, 2020 until October 30, 2020. For further inquiries about the special section, you can contact the Editors in Chief, Luca Tateo ( and Pina Marsico (