Engineering Aspects of Flow Chemistry

Flow chemistry has an interesting paradox, chemistry comes first and then it flows. So, every synthesis that is conventionally tried in a batch protocol and which is eventually transformed into a flow synthesis approach actually needs much greater involvement and understanding of engineering inputs that actually make one realize the desired performance under high expectations. Flow Chemistry is combination of several chemical and engineering field with mutual benefit. However, the activities in the disciplines itself do not know very much from neighboring fields. Those necessary tiny bridges have to be much larger to cross to the other discipline.

Guest editors: Norbert Kockmann (, Ryan Hartman ( and Amol Kulkarni (

First articles for the special issue:


Julia Schuler, Jakob Herath, Norbert Kockmann: 3D investigations of microscale mixing in helically coiled capillaries

Original Research

Michael Sebek, Hanan Atia & Norbert Steinfeldt: Synthesis of flow‐compatible Ru-Me/Al2O3 catalysts and their application in hydrogenation of 1-iodo-4-nitrobenzene

Karima Gahfif, Jean-François Portha, Mathieu Chateau, Guillaume Gauthier, Catarina Carvalho Rocha, Virginie Bellière-Baca & Eric Schaer: Sizing of a washcoated reactor for the catalytic oxidation of propylene to acrolein on a solid bismuth/molybdate catalyst

Sören Hapke, Gerrit Albert Luinstra & Kristina Maria Zentel: Optimization of a 3D-printed tubular reactor for free radical polymerization by CFD

Mira Schmalenberg, Lena K. Weick & Norbert Kockmann: Nucleation in continuous flow cooling sonocrystallization for coiled capillary crystallizers

Amirhossein Khazayialiabad & Davood Iranshahi: Simultaneous production of hydrogen and acrylonitrile in a new bifunctional micro-reactor, mathematical modeling and optimization study

Timothy Aljoscha Frede, Marlene Dietz & Norbert Kockmann: Software-guided microscale flow calorimeter for efficient acquisition of thermokinetic data

Yutong Zhu, Borhan Bin Mohamad Sultan, Xuan Nguyen & Christian Hornung: Performance study and comparison between catalytic static mixer and packed bed in heterogeneous hydrogenation of vinyl acetate