Special Issue on Teaching Flow Chemistry

As the breadth of the flow chemistry expands, so does the need to consider how we educate current and future scientists to the principles and prospects that "flow" offers. Flow chemistry has always naturally blended aspects of chemistry and engineering, and presents unique challenges and opportunities for education. How is flow chemistry implemented in undergraduate or graduate curricula across the world, and how do these programs differ based on which type of scientist is being taught? What are the common techniques that best illustrate flow, and how do we mitigate against the perceived cost of flow chemistry? Can we use innovative lab experiments to reach out to younger scientists early in their education? What strategies are useful for educating established researchers and which may be more suited to undergraduate or student groups? How can the community augment the communication between chemists and engineers? Such issues are likely prevalent in both academic and industrial environments. As specific programs and centers for flow chemistry have multiplied across the world in the past decade, how have they impacted the training of scientists?

The Journal of Flow Chemistry believes that fulfilling the potential of flow chemistry begins with the training and education of researchers in all of its connecting fields. As such, Journal of Flow Chemistry invites submissions that discuss all contributions to Flow Science within Chemical Education.  This should be interpreted in a wide manner: from undergraduate experiments, to outreach; and to postgraduate and industrial training. By sharing the best ideas, and illustrating best practice, we will provide a platform to share current examples widely, and therefore encourage the take-up of flow chemistry.  All manuscripts will undergo vigorous peer review and will benefit from the high visibility and accessibility of the journal through the Web platform, as well as social media (@JFlowChem).

If you are interested to contribute to this special issue, please contact Shawn Collins (shawn.collins@umontreal.ca) or Steve Christie (S.D.Christie@lboro.ac.uk).