Most downloaded papers published in 2020

Free access until end of October 2021 to the 10 most downloaded papers that were published in 2020.  

On Computational Thinking and STEM Education              
By Yeping Li et al.            

Computational Thinking Is More about Thinking than Computing               
by Yeping Li et al.            

Undergraduate Student Concerns in Introductory STEM Courses: What They Are, How They Change, and What Influences Them        
by Clara L. Meaders et al.            

Examining Patterns in Teacher-Student Classroom Conversations during STEM Lessons    
by Hui-Hui Wang             

Online and in-Person Delivery of Upper Division Lecture Courses in Undergraduate Life Sciences Degree Programs Leads to Equivalent Post-Graduate Degree Outcomes
by Alexandria N. Ardissone et al.              

Youths’ and Adults’ Identity in STEM: a Systematic Literature Review       
by Amber Simpson et al.              

STEM Near Peer Mentoring for Secondary School Students: a Case Study of University Mentors’ Experiences with Online Mentoring      
by Ana Garcia-Melgar et al.        

Cultivating Design Thinking of Middle School Girls through an Origami STEAM Project      
by Norma J. Boakes        

Lowering Barriers for Accessing Sensor Data in Education: Lessons Learned from Teaching Multimodal Learning Analytics to Educators        
by Bertrand Schneider et al.       

The Next Generation for Manufacturing Competitiveness?: Investigating the Influence of Industry-Driven Outreach on Children Career Perceptions
by Greg J. Strimel et al.