Aims and scope

The Journal for STEM Education Research is an interdisciplinary journal in subject content education focusing on research in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. The Journal is established as a frontier and forward looking research journal to promote the development of STEM education research as a distinct field.

The Journal provides a platform for sharing research in a broad spectrum of topics in STEM education, with a special interest in identifying and addressing basic questions that are fundamental to STEM education. Sample topics include the study of students’ cognitive and non-cognitive development in and through STEM education, in formal or informal settings, at PreK-16 levels. Other sample research topics include factors closely associated with students’ learning and psychological development in integrated STEM education, such as curriculum models, innovative pedagogies, the design of and practices within technology-rich learning environments, the nature and development of teachers’ expertise in STEM education, teacher education for effective instruction in STEM, and assessment.

The Journal aims to promote interdisciplinary, empirically grounded STEM education research through contributions that blend content expertise and educational endeavors. Contributions are encouraged from scholars within and across subject content fields (e.g., science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and social science fields (e.g., education, psychology, and sociology). The Journal especially encourages scholarly contributions that help advance theoretical perspectives and research methodologies in STEM education. There are no methodological restrictions. The Journal welcomes research articles, research reviews, research briefs, and selected book reviews.

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