Aims and scope

ASE is an international journal that publishes high-quality papers, communications, and discussion that advance aerosol science and engineering. Acceptable article forms include original research papers, review articles, letters, commentaries, news and views, research highlights, editorials, correspondence, and new-direction columns. ASE emphasizes the application of aerosol technology to both environmental and technical issues, and it provides a platform not only for basic research but also for industrial interests. We encourage scientists and researchers to submit papers that will advance our knowledge of aerosols and highlight new approaches for aerosol studies and new technologies for pollution control. ASE promotes cutting-edge studies of aerosol science and state-of-art instrumentation, but it is not limited to academic topics and instead aims to bridge the gap between basic science and industrial applications. ASE accepts papers covering a broad range of aerosol-related topics, including aerosol physical and chemical properties, composition, formation, transport and deposition, numerical simulation of air pollution incidents, chemical processes in the atmosphere, aerosol control technologies and industrial applications. In addition, ASE welcomes papers involving new and advanced methods and technologies that focus on aerosol pollution, sampling and analysis, including the invention and development of instrumentation, nanoparticle formation, nano technology, indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring, air pollution control, and air pollution remediation and feasibility assessments.