Aims and scope

This single blind peer reviewed journal is dedicated to the publication of high-quality material originating from the collective effort by the scientific community to address the special and ever more demanding computing and software needs of the future. At its core will be particle, astro-particle and nuclear physics, as well as observational astronomy and cosmology, or high-brilliance light sources - fields in which experimental research is increasingly organized in large and global collaborations around large-scale instruments with huge output of data, and typically operating at the very frontier of energy, intensity and detector technology.

Facing similar challenges ranging from data reduction, via data sharing, to increasingly data-driven modeling of different facets of the same physical universe, the scientific community requires fundamental and novel concepts for large-scale and collaborative computing and software development, as well as novel algorithms and techniques for data processing.


-infrastructures for large-scale, high-throughput computing

-related software and development

-infrastructure middleware development

-data processing, hosting and sharing

-novel algorithms for efficient data reconstruction and filtering

-software benchmarking and performance assessment

-frameworks and software integration

-online/offline data quality monitoring

-distributed data analysis

-deep learning algorithms

-event and object classification

-data visualization

- physics event generation and detector simulation