Aims and scope

This journal addresses an emerging domain for robotic application: construction and demolition. This domain has so far seen minimal robotic automation due the size of objects involved, a harsh, dynamic environment, and little exposure of civil engineers and architect to robotics in general. The recent years have seen growing efforts to alleviate this, and this journal builds upon this momentum for the topic of construction robotics. It aims at linking the robotics research community with researchers from architecture as well as civil-engineering. In doing so it covers the robotic automation of all stages: from pre-fabrication of customized large scale parts over on-site assembly and inspection to refurbishment and demolition. The journal aims at becoming the central publication platform for the rapidly growing construction robotics community. Beyond accelerating and promoting this new domain the journal allows architects and civil engineers to publish their work at the highest scientific level. Scope:
- Design for robotic construction
- Metrology, automated inspection and monitoring
- Robotic assembly and disassembly, robotic prefabrication
- Adaptive systems for inhomogeneous material handling/processing
- Control of (semi)-autonomous robots, flexible programming, human-robot collaboration
- Environment mapping and recognition, real-time vision, sensor fusion
- Heavy duty robot platforms, specialised robot systems for construction
- Studies of construction robot systems
- Social, environmental, and legislative implications of construction robotics.
The journal seeks contributions that:
- introduce technologies that enable construction robotics
- compare or validate technologies suited for construction robotics
- introduce or validate robot systems relevant for the domain
- report on applications of construction robotics
- report on systems deployed in operational environments
- introduce or study architectural designs utilising construction robotics