Call for Papers on "Comprehensive Watershed Management: Sustainability, Technology, and Policy"

A special issue on Comprehensive Watershed Management is scheduled for publication in November 2019. Especially welcome are papers taking interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches by focusing on (1) identification and/or estimation of structure through which socioeconomic activities and geographical, geological, and ecological factors raise environmental issues in a specific basin of a river, lake, and/or sea; (2) comprehensive evaluation of technologies and policies that may remedy and resolve environmental issues based on the identified/estimated structure; and/or (3) watershed management systems that may effectively control socioeconomic activities by smoothly enhancing adoption of environmental remediation technologies in a watershed. We also welcome papers that argue environmental issues from not only local but also national, international, and/or global perspectives related to transboundary environmental issues.

Authors are cordially invited to submit their papers no later than 31 March 30 June 2020 to the Editor of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science (APJRS). The submission website is:

All manuscripts will be refereed under the usual standard of APJRS. Once a manuscript has been accepted after review, it will be quickly released online with a DOI, which means the earlier submission might be published online earlier even if the publication schedule of the printed version is given.

Please follow the Instructions for Authors of the APJRS in preparing your manuscript. For the tracking of submissions, select the special feature titled "S.I. : Comprehensive Watershed Management" at the “Select Article Type” stage.

Special Issue Editors:
Peter Batey, Emeritus Professor, University of Liverpool
Yoshiro Higano, Emeritus Professor, University of Tsukuba