Aims and scope

Zeitschrift für Religion, Gesellschaft und Politik (ZRGP) – Journal for Religion, Society and Politics publishes double-blind peer-reviewed original research articles that analyze religion and religiosity and their connection with political issues, conflicts and structures. Given the extensive processes of religious pluralization, new and alternative modes of presentation, interpretation and clarification are warranted in order to better understand the relationship of religion and politics as well as their embeddedness in changing societies, religious conflicts, discourses and debates. The ZRGP is thus an academic journal which provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the relationship of religion(s), society, and politics. By publishing discipline-specific as well as interdisciplinary contributions, the journal responds to current academic, social and political interests in religion, its contexts, consequences as well as scientific and quotidian interpretations. 

The ZRGP explicitly welcomes articles that conceptualize religion not just as individual creed but as a multi-dimensional concept, which encompasses religious beliefs, ideologies and practices, religious groups and organizations, occupational fields, relations of power and systems of social norms, as well as social theories and other forms of knowledge.

The editorial board seeks theoretical and empirical (both quantitative and qualitative) contributions from the social sciences (sociology, cultural studies, political studies, media studies, communication studies) as well as from the humanities, human sciences and law (theology, religious studies, psychology, legal studies).