Call for Papers: Spatial Human Behavior Uncertainty in Daily Urban Activities

Guest Editors: Wei Huang, Yingwei Yan and Chen-Chieh Feng

Urbanization has boosted regional economies which, at the same time, caused various urban issues resulting in unsustainable city development. A systematic investigation of daily urban activities is thereby key for researchers to better understand how human interacts with urban systems/environments and for practitioners to conduct effective urban governance. One inherent nature of human behavior is its uncertainty, and thus the information generated by people has been considered the major bottleneck of progressing such studies using either quantitative or qualitative approaches. This special issue is dedicated to studies on spatial human behavior uncertainty in daily urban activities and is open for contributions related but not limited to the topics as follows:

  • Modelling of uncertainty in daily spatial human behavior
  • New spatial analysis technologies for understanding individual and collective behavior uncertainties in urban areas
  • Spatial data quality control for human-generated content for spatial analysis
  • Geo-visualization of uncertainties in spatial human behavior
  • VGI and crowd-sourcing for spatial human behavior uncertainty studies
  • Spatial knowledge inferring towards understanding human activity patterns
  • Uncertainty of spatial decision making VGI, human-generated content, and crowd-sourced data in geospatial education

Manuscripts can be submitted under the following link:

The topical collection (special issue) will be closed on 31 August 2022.

You can find the Instructions for authors here. Please direct any questions regarding the special issue to one of the guest editors:

Prof. Wei HUANG, Tongji University, Shanghai, China


Prof. Yingwei YAN, National University of Singapore, Singapore


Prof. Chen-Chieh FENG, National University of Singapore, Singapore