Journal updates

  • Call for Papers: Visualization of the Invisible

    This special issue focuses on the “geovisualization” part of the Journal’s title, where special attention is given to innovative methods for visualization of phenomena that are less visible on the surface of the earth.

  • Call for Papers: Narrative cartography: Reconstructing place, culture, emotion and society

    Post-representationalism has highlighted the promising potential of maps in storytelling. Cartographers therefore advocate a more processual approach to unfold the links between maps and narratives. In this way, we can better grasp the spatially situated characters, objects and setting as well as their changes of states across time. Under such circumstances, we are faced with new cartographic challenges both in theory and in methodology to represent the referential place, culture, emotion, connotation and ambiguity embodied in the spatiotemporal sequences of stories. This special issue, expected as a step in this direction, seeks for the possible conceptual, theoretical, methodological and practical solutions toward the fundamental issues in narrative cartography.